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'Setting Your Year in Motion is a 9-part self-study eCourse that works with you to uplevel your next year.

December has more on the to-do list than any other month of the year. It has extra events, gatherings, opportunities, and needs of your time and money and emotions.

Many people start to really look forward to it being over, to the new year, to things 'getting back to normal'. OR they appreciate the change of pace and influence and enjoy the stimulation and traditions.

Whichever side you're on - personally, I'm in the middle - December is ALSO the month you really come to terms with the end of the year. 

You look at the year that was, what happened, what you wished could have happened, and you start to form intentions and plans for the NEXT YEAR.

At this time of year, most of this is done unconsciously, casually, even unintentionally. However, by the time JANUARY 1st lands in your lap, those thoughts often turn to scrambling thoughts as you work to get back to regular, non-holiday order in your life.

And of course what you USUALLY do then is 'work to get back to normal', leaving the thoughts of how to create a better year pushed to the back of your mind. At least, that’s what happens to most people.

That's why I want to plant a seed with you NOW. 'Setting Your Year In Motion' works with you to organize your new year in a way you have never done before. 

It promises you a divine blending of masculine AND feminine, the powers of true creation, to create the next level of living for you in the new year.


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In alignment with the rise of feminine energy power that is asking the masculine to rise with it, this NEW way of focusing on the new year and beyond is definitely a game-changer.

  • It's not about planning with goals and achievements.

  • It's not about setting intentions either.

'Setting Your Year In Motion' takes both the feminine and the masculine focus and energies and weaves them together with earthly & soulful realities to literally map out your new year. It supports both these uncertain times AND the evolutionary times you are advancing into.

You will look at the year that was and then evaluate yourself. You will look at your hopes and dreams and how far you may or may not have realized them.

You end up either feeling really good or really bad about things. Either way, it's a judgment. Based on what? Measured how? On how you feel emotionally? Hmmm...You can do better than that.

Each word in this eCourse was specifically chosen to represent this 'better way' of creating a new year. I didn't understand what 'better' was at that time I brought the messages through. But I know now. And I know I'm up for 'better'. Aren't you?

The cracks in the foundation you may be seeing on the planet, in the news, in every industry, company, institution, leadership position, family, community, every relationship, is evidence that evolutionary changes are underway. 

They will look messy and feel uncomfortable. Change so often does. It will look like chaos before a new order is established. That's because it's clearly out of your comfort position, your default position.

The changing energy is NOT a position. It's movement. It's ‘A’ movement. And how you set your year (and beyond) in motion, is what this eCourse is all about. 

If YOU want to embrace the changes that are happening and learn how to navigate them in your own world, then this is the time to be proactive. This is the time to focus on how best to align with the momentum moving forward.  

The future is calling. Change is happening SO FAST. More change has happened in your generation than in the combination of the previous 3 generations! Things are quickening and so are you. Your adaptability potential is at an all-time high too.

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The entire 9-part eCourse is available to you as soon as you register.

  • You have access to, and can download, 9 MP3 channelled messages

  • You have access to, and can download, the full transcripts of each of the 9 universal truth messages - in one convenient 35-page PDF.

  • Each message builds on the previous, adding more truth & understanding to the course theme.

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You want to RIDE THIS WAVE not get sucked into the undertow of uncertainty and hesitation, fear and old default positions.

That's why I am BLOWN AWAY by the NEW way of creating the new year that is not only in complete alignment with the current energetics but in who you are as an individual. 

Taking the point of New Age and Information Age forward into the evolving Soul Age, Sage gives you NINE messages of outstanding direction and focus for how to live the new year as a PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT - not just as a goal-planning or intention-setting act.

This movement sets your year in motion. It puts it on an organic map and spins the wheel forward.

  • It works with THE NEXT LEVEL of your energy centres.

  • It works with the seasons as they change.

  • It works with YOUR evolution as a human and soul.  

  • It works with YOUR integration of developing feminine with developing masculine energies

I'm completely in love with this new way of creating a consciously focused year. You can't 'fail' or fall off your goals. You can only be reminded and refocused.

Sign up now and you'll breathe easier sooner, knowing you're already aligning with your Future Self. ;)


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