The 21-Day Commitment

June 1st - 21st


To me, Mother’s Day makes me start thinking of summer

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It’s the precursor to those months of setting a different tone, feeling the warmth on my skin, and exhaling more than inhaling. 

So to honour Mother’s Day AND summer this year I wanted to gift you with juicy another 21-Day Commitment that can support the very best feelings you want to cultivate in the summer. The feelings of love. 

Now, love can sound like a trite word because it’s so often misused and over used. But I’m talking about a higher love. A bigger love. A deeper love. I’m talking about integral love.

If you look up the word ‘integral’ it says ‘necessary and important as part of the whole’. That works.

Integral love means that LOVE is necessary and important and is part of the whole. Now that can sound a bit far fetched when confronted by the realities of every day. I get that. Which is why I wanted to break it down and give it to you in bite-size pieces so you can INTEGRATE integral love into your summer. Or at least the first 21 day of pre-summer. 

I think of June 1st as pre-summer. And June 21st, the Summer Solstice, as the beginning of summer. That’s why I wanted to make ‘Integral Love’ your welcome mat TO summer. 

If you can build up your love resources prior to the Summer Solstice, you’ll have everything you need in your pocket to make YOURSELF bloom this summer. 

‘INTEGRAL LOVE’ is a 10-part channelled MasterCourse in audio and transcript form delivered right to your inbox every other day for 21 days.

Do you want to bring on summer together? Give yourself the full bloom this year. Are you in?


So many who signed up and took SPRING’S 21-Day Commitment send me emails of appreciation and honour. I knew then I HAD to offer another 21-Day Commitment.

If you’re considering it, let me give you the top 3 Q&A’s I get asked about the commitment.

Q: Can I take longer than 21 days to do the program?

A: You can take as long as you want! The 21-days of content are yours to keep forever. Every other day you will receive a link directly in your inbox that will give you access to both an audio and PDF file. You can listen and read them from the webpage or download them to your own device. Everything is downloadable. If you want to take longer to do the 21-Day Commitment, take it. If you want to repeat the 21-Day Commitment, you can repeat it. Just download it within the 21 days and it’s yours.

Q: What do I have to do in this commitment? What’s expected of me?

A: Every other day you will have both audio and transcript content that will take you about 15 minutes or so to go through it. EVERYTHING that is audio is always in transcript form so you can listen to the 21-Day Commitment as a stream of podcasts if that works better for you. Or you can read it all, if that’s your preferred method. 

The more you put into reading and listening and reflecting the content, the more you will get out of it. 

Q: What are the subjects in the 21-Day Commitment?

A: There are 10 ‘lessons’. The first is a channelled welcome from Sage. #2 is entitled ‘Loving Daily’. #3 - ‘Molecular Love’. #4 - Self-Love. #5 - ‘Loving Others’. #6 - ‘Loving Purpose’. '#7 - ‘Love Levels’. #8 - ‘Embodying Love’. #9 - ‘Money Love. #10 - ‘Love Integration’.

Summer is coming. Sign up now and make the commitment


Integral Love - facebook.jpg