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'INTEGRAL LOVE: How to Connect with the Love in Everything' is a 21-day commitment.

If you look up the word ‘integral’ it says ‘necessary and important as part of the whole’. That works.

Integral love means that LOVE is necessary and important and is part of the whole.

Now that can sound a bit far fetched when confronted by the realities of every day. I get that. Which is why I wanted to break it down and give it to you in bite-size pieces so you can INTEGRATE integral love into your summer. Or at least the first 21 day of pre-summer. 

Let’s continue…

Summer’s 21-Day Commitment

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  • Do the messages in their order for best results as each one builds on the one prior.

  • You can listen and/or read them from this page or download them to your own device and keep them forever.

  • This page will disappear June 28th