Stay Woke Membership

If you’ve been ‘getting woke’ or have had Private Woke Sessions, you’ll recognize the value of consistency and commitment to yourself. Now you want to Stay Woke. You want the juicy cultivation & integration of both your everyday life AND your spiritual awareness so you don’t have to choose one over the other. And you’ll be held & supported by myself and a group of women all on the same path.

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If you have been on the spiritual path for a while and have started and stopped spiritual programs, books, and practices, it’s not your fault. 

It’s because you’ve been discerning what it is you’re seeking in order to stay the path of your evolution. And now you’re ready to step up your commitment to truly living your juiciest life.

Life is busy. I get it. So in the Stay Woke Membership, I’ll guide you to the juicy integration of both your everyday life AND your spiritual awareness so you don’t have to choose one over the other. And you’ll be held accountable to a group of women all on the same path.

We're living in a planetary time when women recognize they are 'in this together'. Women want to wake up and STAY WOKE. They want to show up and model and change their life. They are ready and willing to change the world and they know it starts with themselves first.

That’s because the Stay Woke Membership takes into account every aspect of your human and soul existence. It’s practical, accessible, deep, and engaging. 

How else can you create an ongoing, everyday, intimate relationship with your soul and still get the laundry done? 

How else can you bring your whole self into everything you do even if that’s an argument with your spouse or children? 

We’re in this together. We really are. You are not alone. I am not alone. I know this now more than ever. 


The Stay Woke Membership is the ultimate expression of ‘we’. 


Now is the time to deepen and integrate your commitment from ‘me’ to ‘me’.

Now is the time to engage together and develop true integration strategies.


The Stay Woke Membership is:

  • THE source for full integration of human and soul so you can live as soul in human form on the earth today. It’s the path forward toward true integrative inclusive living. 

  • My juiciest inclusive program to guide you through continued breakthroughs, deeper connection to your whole self, and greater depth, meaning, and joy in your life. 

  • An integrative soul-infused practice that continually meets you at the intersection of psychology and spirituality, at the crossroads of your three-dimensional human and your multidimensional soul. 

  • The commitment to daily, weekly, and monthly connection to your whole self as well as collaboration with other like minded integrated seekers. (1).jpg

Here’s what you get:

Everything that’s in ‘Get Woke Weekly’


Video Message

A specially created current energetic weekly video to enlighten & inspire you for the week ahead.

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Channelled Message

A 15-20-minute universal truth weekly message brought through from Sage specifically for the current energetics. Available in both audio & transcript.


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Good morning

STAY WOKE with daily current energetic TEXTS sent to your device every single morning.

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Personal channelled message

STAY WOKE with a monthly 15-minute personal sacred message brought through from Sage specifically for you. (3).jpg


STAY WOKE with the infusion knowledge that makes life on earth more understandable with 2 universal truth messages each week in a seasonal theme-based channelled MasterCourse.

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Weekly Virtual Meet-ups

STAY WOKE with weekly live group video conferencing and live group phone gatherings always recorded for those who cannot attend. In these 15-30 minute gatherings we discuss the seasonal MasterCourse, the daily texts, the energies of change, and how to best navigate through them in your life.

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Private Facebook Group

STAY WOKE with others in this era of inclusion. Join our private boutique Facebook community of women to share, support, & hold each other in respect and accountability.

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Personal chat with Jonni

STAY WOKE with me in an intimate one-to-one 15-minute call every month. You have my personal attention & specific guidance. We can do a LOT in 15 minutes. And if you want more time, it’s yours at the preferred pricing of 20% off the Private Woke Session price, 7 days a week, often within hours of the request.

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In-Person Meet-ups

STAY WOKE with invitations to meet up in-person one-on-one or in groups with others in the membership.

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Virtual Conferences

STAY WOKE with invitations to take part in more extensive virtual conferences, gaining more traction with invited online guest experts sharing more strategies for inclusive, woke living.


Why Join?

The greatest integrated leap you can make is in the continual & collaborative way your voice is heard as the universal truth becomes your constant foundation. The Stay Woke Membership is an inclusive group for committed women, myself included. 

  • Together we explore the planetary & leadership changes.

  • Together we talk about the current energetics and heighten our awareness of the patterns and reflections that are exposed.

  • Together we voice our opinions.

  • Together we question global events.

The Stay Woke Membership is your platform to hear and be heard as you become your juiciest, most love-filled whole self. 

AND, the membership is the only way to receive personal messages from Sage AND personal face-time and realtime with me.

What is your integration worth?

Consider the Stay Woke Membership coaching, therapy, and spiritual evolution all in one. You spend time and money on food, your home, your physical body, your hobbies, other people. What's it worth to you to spend time and money on your evolution, your integration, your whole self?

The Stay Woke Membership is food for your soul. It’s fuel to keep you thriving and moving forward toward integration.

What's it worth to you to identify and integrate the patterns and stories and identities that have plagued you your entire life? If the pattern is repeating, you're not changing it. Do you want to continue repeating your patterns or identify and integrate your patterns? You can't change them alone. You've shown yourself that. You know the start and stop dance. 

But you can choose to resource yourself with myself and a Stay Woke group to guide you to the truth, to support your evolution, and to hold you accountable to the inclusive integration.


Read what Stay Woke Members have to say ~

“I absolutely love how Jonni weaves the membership altogether. It is expansive, engaging, connective, and important.”
Susanne Koppejan, Stay Woke Member


“If you're not content to glide along the surface of life and are willing to take a deep dive into what is possible for the integration of your human & soul existence, then the Membership is absolutely for you. It's completely life changing!”

Lynn J, Stay Woke Member


“There’s something pretty special about learning something about yourself you never knew before, or something you DID know deep down, but never allowed yourself to believe.”

RJ Torgrimson, Stay Woke Member


“There is no doubt that Jonni+Sage’s messages are exclusive. Not in a hierarchical way, but in a very, very personal way. They go deep into my soul’s remembering.”

Noreen Finnerty, Stay Woke Member

“I feel so blessed to receive messages through Jonni. They are undeniably special. When I first signed up for the membership I thought, “This is such an indulgence!” But it’s are so much more than that. It’s a beautiful turbo-boost to my life.”

Peta Maione, Stay Woke Member


“Tears rolled down my cheeks the first time I listened to a channelled personal message. My life changed. Now I have a sense of the big picture, of the hows & whys of this life. I recommend them to everyone.”
— Rebecca Jo Dakota, Stay Woke Member


“It’s as if you’re gifted with a map showing you where you are, where you’ve been, and future possibilities - with breadcrumbs for how to get there!”

Nav Purewall, Stay Woke Member


“Jonni+Sage have answered SO many question, whether I consciously knew I had them or they were sitting in the back of my mind.”

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The 4 Guidelines for Becoming a Member

  1. The Stay Woke Membership is for committed & responsible adults who promise to show up for themselves from beginning to end.

  2. The higher your participation on group calls and the private facebook page, the higher your return on investment for self and for the group.

  3. The focus of the membership is a collective of individually committed women gathered together for integrated evolution. It’s not meant to be a social ‘girlfriends’ group, although often members become friends. My work is proprietary. If a member wants to create something on their own outside of membership with members, integrity speaks to giving me a head’s up. 

  4. Payments in the membership are automatically billed through PayPal each month or you can choose to prepay in 3-month increments in advance by e-transfer. You may also pay 12 months in advance and save one month’s billing.

Here’s what you get each & every month -




Billed automatically every month. Cancel anytime. Non-refundable.

All in - Ready to Commit



Save one month. Billed yearly. Cancel anytime. Non-refundable.

Or Pay Every 3 months by E-Transfer

$695+tax for 3-months of advance payments paid by e-transfer rather than monthly PayPal. Billed every 3 months. Cancel anytime. Non-refundable. (3).jpg

After One Year of Membership -

- You will have increased your clarity about your purpose and position in the world.

- You will have a new perspective on your relationships of every kind - with your patterns, your habits, your soul, your partner, your friends... and KNOW what the next course of action MUST be.

- You will have a clear vision and understanding of your whole self and how to activate and live her everyday.

- You will have transformed your loss/less than identity (loss of death, divorce, job, position, etc) into a powerful action for change.

- You will leapfrog, and with courage, make the changes you need to make to live a juicier, more love-filled, and meaningful life

Where else would you find a group of women who are on the same wave length?

Want to join?

Have questions?

Before we proceed, let’s talk to see if we’re the best fit for each other.

Schedule your free exploratory conversation with me and let me know your best day and time of day for the call.