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Interested in an inter-dimensional past-life soul regression, in-between lifetimes, future life progression session?

Here's what to expect:

  • We'll talk about why you've chosen to do this work, your previous relevant experiences, and your belief systems.

  • We'll address your concerns, requests, expectations, details, and assumptions.

  • We'll go over the process and the outcome.

  • Then we'll do the deep inner meditative memory work, after which we'll discuss your rich emotional experience, and connect the dots.

All regressions are done by phone or through a secure online non-visual conferencing platform . No need to be in person when the comfort and privacy of your own home allows you to be more relaxed than a new environment ever could. You also know the sounds and smells of your personal environment so your mind easily excuses and accepts them.

Regressions work with the energy of memory, so with a headset plugged into your phone, I will speak gently to you throughout the experience. Far more intimate and less intrusive than feeling someone sitting beside you when your guard is down. This way I am able to schedule and conduct regression sessions wherever you are all over the world.

If this is your first time doing regression work with me, at a minimum I recommend either a 90 minute session or 2 sessions, spaced a week or so apart. You may book one now, and one after our first appointment.

In your session we'll start with the current realities of your life to understand the signpost and messages underneath the stories and reactions. On this journey of discovery we'll dig deeper than you previously have. We won't leave a stone unturned.

There are core memories you do not recall which are still influencing you today. These memories are very close to the surface of your mind. They are coded in your DNA structure. As you soften and expand your awareness, you have the ability to connect to these significant memories to understand and process their influence in your life.

The past, present, and future are all intricately woven together. They are not black & white, but rather shades of grey malleable, changeable energies, all affecting each other. If you want to tap into this power, we can move your perspective from past to present to future, revealing possible and probable visions of the future you are currently creating by your choices and thoughts and beliefs.

The more we work with your past and present realities, the more we can adjust your future vision of self from possible to probable.

20/20 hindsight can create a new 2020 version of you

These multidimensional sessions assist you in making empowering decisions and taking clear, wise action to create the life you deserve. They help you understand who you are, and what you are doing on the Earth today. They expose you to the rich, inner wisdom you have within, changing how you see, live, and love life.