Because life is short

& the time for change is NOW


I know you have things you want to change.

You have things you want to understand. You have things you want to do.

You and I can work together to fast track the understandings & the changes so you can live the life you came here to live. 

  • Together we will DEFINE the changes you must make now. (Changes in your relationships? Work? Stress level? Purpose? Health? Money? Soul?...)
  • Together we will ELEVATE your human and soulful understanding. That's key and the missing ingredient for success.
  • Together we will CREATE your direction and personal plan with progress, personalized future plans, and celebration of your successes. The new change must be your new default position or you haven't really changed.
  • Together we will FUEL your passion to integrate your personal change while influencing planetary evolution. Because your soul is calling you to make and impact personal and global change.

Here are some ways I can help you -

You want change, but maybe:

  • You're overwhelmed and don't know where to start
  • You've tried and it didn't work
  • You don't understand what's holding you back
  • You're not sure what needs to change but something has to...

Change is complex. It's more than 'Just do it!'. The times we are living in require a deeper, more soulful integrated approach, not just a problem/solution one-off technique.

Let me introduce myself -

I'm Jonni Gray.

Psychotherapist, soul coach, change agent.

A series of life events created my urgency and soul gifts to help others LEAD CHANGE WITH SOUL.

I know, intimately, that life is short. We are here on the earth for a reason and a purpose. It is my mission to help you through the challenges and misunderstandings that may be blocking you from THRIVING. From living the life you came here to live. I'm here to soul-inspire & activate your life.

You can read my short bio here. 

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If you want to be seen and heard -

If you want to be held with both love and accountability, let's start working together. There are three ways to work with me. Choose the approach that's most comfortable for you.

  • You can start on your own with resources to answer some of your most pressing questions. From monthly courses based on universal truth to ebooks and paperbacks that walk you through your life's challenges and desires - doing it yourself can be an add-on to other work we do together, or as a stand alone. Read more >>

  • You can become a valued group member with full support in multiple ways to give you foundational consistency for the tracks of change. Here you'll receive monthly courses, weekly conversations, personal channelled messages, daily texts - the list goes on. Those who join the membership group receive the very best tools and support I have to offer. And being a member gives you other benefits too. Read more >>

  • You can contact me for a one-on-one phone session so I can zero in on you and what you want to understand and change. In one or more sessions you and I will create the change you're ready to embrace. Read more >>
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Unsure? Have a question?

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And meditate together on JULY 1st

We'll embrace the power of expanded states of consciousness, support the Earth and humanity in her evolutionary journey, and welcome July with an aligned message meditation. 

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