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'The Evolutionary Body' is a 12-week 24-part channelled MasterCourse for those who want to focus on understanding what the body is and where it’s going.

When you can uplevel your understanding of how the body best works, why the body does what it does, how evolution has already affected and will continue to affect the body, what the body wants, and how your body is connected to your spirit, soul, emotions, and mind, you are on your way to elevating both the inner and outer body to align with all the other moving parts of who you are.

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You can listen to the messages in meditation form from this webpage or download them onto your own device. 

#17-Due March 4th

#18-Due March 6th

#19-Due March 11th

#20-Due March 13th

#21-Due March 18th

#22-Due March 20th

#23-Due March 25th

#24-Due March 27th