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This evolutionary self-directed program for the body, mind, & spirit is your deepest way forward. And it's FREE.

I created ‘iSOUL 20: Sacred Message Preparation’ as an interval training program for those wanting to increase their connectivity to the sacred messages from Sage.

The 92-page downloadable book and the 20 precious mini-meditations are the perfect preparation to give you the depth and practice to take in more of Sage’s sacred messages at the deepest level. 

Call it accessing more expanded states of consciousness, or call it meditation - the process of aligning with a greater reality means you are receptive to the greatest understandings, truths, and messages from the cosmos and beyond. 

For me, that means receiving messages from the divine guidance of Sage. You can read about the story of Jonni+Sage in my memoir, 'Conduit: A Love Story Before, During, & After Life'.

So, along with the words in the iSOUL20 book, the 2 ½ hours worth of precisely arranged mini-meditations will maximize your experience and build a solid foundation for all messages you connect to in your expanded states of consciousness.

Think of this program as an evolutionary practice for the body, mind, spirit, and soul. It’s gifted to you with immense love.

download isoul20: sacred message preparation, the 92-page book


then begin with the first track

My recommendation is to do 2 tracks a day - one in the AM and one in the PM. There are 10 days worth in this program and of course you can repeat it as well.

Most importantly, do them in the order they are arranged in. It's interval training, so some tracks are short and some are longer. That's on purpose. You can download them onto your favourite device if that's more convenient or do them from this page.