In our choice of realms on either side of the veil, we are still together, and soul-to-soul love is still the meaning & purpose.
— Jonni Gray

Introduction -

For the most part, I forget what it's like to be mainstream about life, death, afterlife, spirit, past lives, channelling… 

I forget that most people are so afraid of death, or of what might happen after death, that they hold their breath and try to pretend that death won’t happen. They don't want to think about it, much less understand it, and would never consider making friends with it. 

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Our culture has certainly done a number on the fear of death and the afterlife. It equates death with the final failure, using phrases like "lost the battle", "taken from us",  and "final resting place". 

It's as though living is winning and dying is losing, as though when we’re alive we’re working hard, and when we die we simply rest, no longer participating with people and everything else on the Earth. 

Where did that nonsense come from? 

Church and state, power and control of the masses, and repeated myth.

I humbly thank you for choosing to read this book. I realize I’m asking you to profoundly stretch, to expand and reshape your belief system, to bring a grander viewpoint into it all. I'm pushing evolved consciousness here. Spiritual, energetic intelligence. Non-fear, at the very least.

I also realize I've personally had a lot more exposure to death than the average person, having lost my mother-figure (the grandmother who emotionally raised me) when I was eighteen, my brother, my three sisters, my father, my mother, and now my only child. 

With each of those losses, the need to understand why increased exponentially. How could it not? If I hadn’t had the need to ask and know why, I would probably be reaching for whatever form of mind-and-emotion-numbing medication I could get my hands on. But as I've often said, “meditate or medicate”. 

So in a deep, meditative state, I ask my most expansive version of self why my family members chose to live and die in that particular way and at that particular time.  

The answers soothe my nervous system, stretch my spiritual awareness, lock in place some valuable insights, and change the way I see life and death. They change the way I live. And all for the better.

As a transpersonal psychotherapist who conducted tens of thousands of past life regressions over decades, I asked the very same questions whenever I did inner journeying work with a client. Whether in a past life regression or a channelling session, the questions and answers became the source of deeper understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, and peace. It's where the great revelations came from, and where the tears of truth flowed. 

We are complex beings, no doubt about it, and asking why is our favourite question. Our inquisitive self asks, “Why do we do this? Why don't we do that? Why can't we stop this? Why can't we start that? Why did that happen?” The list is endless. 

Most people get stuck when they think they have to get quiet and go inside themselves to access the answers to their “why’s”. 

When they are in their greatest fear or pain, asking why by themselves can often be more painful or fearful. I understand that. I am forever in gratitude to Cheryl and Sage (I will introduce them later in the book) for their access and availability during my times at the bottom of the emotional ocean. 

As an expert in consciousness studies, an inveterate explorer of the inner realms, I know that asking our thinking brain “why” is not the best approach to take if we really want the most satisfying and complete understanding. 

The answers to the biggest, most emotional “why’s” aren't on the surface of our thinking brain. To access those answers, we need a gentler approach. We need to neutralize the emotions in order to get underneath and find out what's really triggering them. The emotions are just the tip of the iceberg. 

The gentle approach is called deep meditation and expanded soul connection. It’s the process of inter-dimensionally expanding to our multidimensional self. 

Asking “why” in that state yields the experiences and expansive answers we really need to satisfy those very human “why’s”.

Being a compassionate guide for others in my work means I help them access the most expansive states of consciousness where the answers are understood, whether the “why’s” are about death, birth, marriage, divorce, addiction, abandonment, purpose, or anything else. 

Together, my clients and I create the next level of freedom and joy so they can form more intimate, soul-enriched relationships with themselves and others.

To that end, I believed in the greater reality more than anyone I knew. I worked in it, lived my life based on it, took it to my core. It was my operating system for life. But only when my son Connor transitioned, did I get to the next level of living in this greater reality. 

The veil is really very, very thin. Anyone who has physically incarnated on the planet is energetically connected to the people they love, and to the Earth, indefinitely. Yet it is through the contrast of love and loss that humans can become aligned with their souls, and therefore enlightened. 

I was not only privileged to have the purest soul-to-soul relationship in this lifetime, but I was also able to spend twenty-two years with my spiritual guide, Connor, while he was in physical form.

Our immortal spiritual self is more real than anything we perceive in this physical realm. Death doesn’t stop love. It doesn’t take away relationship. Connor is free and blissful. He radiates serenity, compassion, and wisdom. He is in the love, and death is no match for love. 

I feel enriched by loving Connor, instead of feeling deprived by the loss of his form. 

Because Connor was so connected to those qualities when he was in physical form and I became so used to communing with him, the communication signal, since his transition, is not a lot different. He’s much more than the personality he once was, so in many ways he is still Connor. He’s simply been upgraded - expanded - to Connor 2.0. 

Now, in our choice of separate realms on either side of the veil we are still together, and soul-to-soul love is still the meaning and purpose.

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