Guiding Women to their JUICIEST, most LOVE-FILLED & MEANINGFUL Life

Lucky you. You were born at a time when the planet is shifting from polarity thinking to inclusive thinking. Finally.

So instead of excluding, judging, limiting, and keeping yourself small, anxious, and less-than because of it, now you can embrace the inclusiveness of all of life with all its gifts & offerings. (8).jpg

You are on the path of growth, change, & evolution

Life is happening at increasing speeds and you are eager to increase your awareness, understanding, and actions as it relates to your spiritual growth. You hear the call to elevate & evolve your life.

You are seeking soul-infused wisdom to:

  • Break through the places you are 'stuck', and transform your life

  • Gain greater clarity about yourself, your identity, and the 'you' you are meant to be

  • Discover insights and perspectives on how to have more soulful relationships

  • Deepen understanding and make peace with the losses in your life such as death, divorce, job loss, or any major life change.

  • Shine the light on your patterns, be accountable to shifting your patterns, and create new empowered patterns.

  • Leverage multiple levels of perspectives to help you share your uniques gifts through your work.

There are 3 ways we can work together:

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21-Day Commitments are free online channelled courses so you can refresh your commitment to soul-based wisdom & universal truth.

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Soul Sessions are personal one-on-one customized evolutionary guidance conversations that enable you to make major integrated leaps in your life.

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Soul Group Membership is an exclusive group of committed women who join together for evolutionary and accelerated spiritual growth. (4).jpg

About Jonni


Hi, I’m Jonni

Transpersonal psychologist, channeller, author, and outsourced soul guide, connecting your inner knowing with your outer reality.

I guide women to their juiciest, most love-filled & meaningful life.

Women who want to get woke and stay woke.

On my personal journey, I found that the more inclusive I was in my life, the more love-filled my life became.

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