Sleeping, Dreaming, AWAKENING

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Welcome -

'Sleeping, Dreaming, AWAKENING' is an 8-week program that works with you to expose & explain the mysteries of your sleeping & dreaming states of consciousness.

For the last few months, I went through an experiment of sorts. I guinea-pigged myself. Put myself in the Petri dish. All in the name of universal truth.

I didn't know why I put myself in this experiment nor did I know the parameters of it. But at this end of it, I can tell you it had everything to do with this summer's monthly focused theme.

Sage wants to talk to us about sleeping and dreaming this summer. There's no better time. For 2 months - July & August - we can focus on the unknowing & significant areas of sleeping and dreaming. 

If you thought it was just about sleeping more, getting better sleep, and maybe googling the strange imagery of your dreams, you are in for a HUGE REVELATION!

The understanding of the purpose and value of sleeping is so much more than I thought. It's mind-bending. AND the greater understanding of the purpose and value of dreaming - off the charts. 

This summer, you will learn more about your sleeping and dreaming habits than you ever suspected. You'll wake up your sleeping self. ;)

In almost 4 hours of channelled sacred messaging Sage demystifies everything you thought you knew about sleeping, about dreaming, and even about awakening.

Summer is the perfect time. Summer is a time of feminine awakening, of finding our bloom, of full transparency. Summer exposes. And shines a light. Summer heats things up and begs you to go deep.

We all have an unconscious relationship with sleeping and dreaming. We know we need to sleep, so we do. But are we getting the most from it? We suspect our dreams are important but do we forget them?

It's not about how much sleep we get. Or how dark the room is. Or remembering the details of your latest dream. There's SO MUCH MORE to sleeping and dreaming than that.

These fresh channelled messages are more than dream interpretation and sleep recommendations. They are the demystification of all you've been told and believed was true!

Once you feel your way through the whole truth about sleeping & dreaming, you will change the way you live in the expansive Soul Age. And that will change everything.

Let's begin...


You can listen to the messages in meditation form from this webpage or download them onto your own device. 

#2 - Due July 4th

#3 - Due July 9th

#4 - Due July 11th

#5 - Due July 16th

#6 - Due July 18th

#7 - Due July 23rd

#8 - Due July 25th

#9 - Due July 30th

#10-Due August 1st

#11-Due August 6th

#12-Due August 8th

#13-Due August 13th

#14-Due August 15th

#15-Due August 20th

#16-Due August 22nd