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Not sure where to begin? Start here. Retreats are great. But your life is not a retreat. And it sure isn’t a vacation. Your life is real and ongoing and busy. I get it! AND if you’re reading this it’s because you also feel you MUST include more of your whole self in your daily life. Otherwise you’re swimming upstream, longing for ‘me time’.

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How To Bring a Spiritual Understanding into Your Everyday Life

If you have read a few spiritual books and are attracted to the spiritual way of life but can’t seem to make your life more meaningful and joyful, it’s not your fault. 

The start and stop approach doesn’t translate into integration in your everyday life. It doesn’t infuse your human reality with spirit & soul. 

It’s one or the other. And human wins out every single time.

In GET WOKE WEEKLY, I’ll guide you inch by inch, week by week to a juicier understanding & integration of both your everyday life AND your spiritual awareness so you don’t have to choose one over the other. 

Get Woke Weekly is practical, accessible, powerful, and engaging.

It will help you create a real relationship with the spirit of life and bring that relationship into everything you do.

Now is the time to deepen your understanding of your whole self and learn how to navigate the newfound strategies in your everyday life.


I want to give you weekly insights that can radically change your life.

I want to give you weekly insights that can shift your entire worldview, that can completely alter a perceived problem into a new creative opportunity.

A key component for any change is having new insights in order to create at a higher level.

What would it be worth to you to get juicy inspiration and connected awareness every week that could result in:

  • Aha realizations about your life?

  • New ideas on how to uplevel your significant relationships?

  • Integrated ways of being present & engaging with your life as it is?

  • Out-of-the-box ideas that are generated for your business or passion?

There’s tremendous value in infusing your energetics every week with a new perspective.

That new perspective will fuel you in ways that can show up as greater ideas, immediate clarity, higher revenue if you’re self-employed, lightbulb-popping aha moments, and significant dot-connecting understandings.

You might get one piece of content from a weekly message -

  • That allows you to interact with a significant person in your life in a whole new way.

  • That gives you the aha realization that could completely shift a significant relationship.

  • That starts you on a path toward leading the life you came here to live.

And one day you may realize you have a new pathway, a new solution, to something that’s been baffling you a lifetime. (2).jpg

Here’s what you get in Get Woke Weekly:


Video Message

GET WOKE WEEKLY with a specially created current energetic weekly video to enlighten & inspire you for the week ahead.

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Channelled message

STAY WOKE with a 15-20-minute universal truth weekly message brought through from Sage specifically for the current energetics. Available in both audio & transcript.

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Let’s Talk

GET WOKE WEEKLY with me in an intimate one-to-one 15-minute call every month. We can do a LOT in 15 minutes.

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Additional talk time

If you want more than 15 minutes each month, you can have more one-on-one phone time with me at 10% off the regular Private Woke Session prices.

I have been exploring the many ways to awaken further to soul and Jonni’s messages are of the most direct & meaningful ways I could possibly experience. Their value is immeasurable.
— Susan LeBlanc (2).jpg

Why Join?

I want to make my work accessible -

  • For those who do not want to JOIN a group membership.

  • For those who don’t feel the NEED for a Private Woke Session.

  • For those who want MORE than a Private Woke Session.

So, in Get Woke Weekly, you are supported and guided behind the scenes.

From the comfort of your own home, you can move from confusion to clarity every single week of the month with videos, channelled messages, and one-on-one conversation time with me. 

I’ve created it so that each component works together to give you the consistent knowledge and application that fits INTO your life bit by bit, inch by inch, change by change.

You can get woke, weekly. You deserve this and you can do this because nothing feels as good as getting woke.

Are you ready to bring your spiritual awareness into your everyday life - every single day?

Do you want to stop constantly asking 'why' and instead 'get' what's going on?⁠⁠

Then join me in this integrative program that will work with you step-by-step to give you the greater clarity you need to navigate your complicated life.⁠⁠

In 'GET WOKE WEEKLY' I'll give you a video every Sunday that speaks to the current mood and energy and introduces the weekly channelled message from Sage to explain it all. And I'll give you one-on-one laser-focused conversation to make things even clearer.

⁠In 'Get Woke Weekly' I'll be your outsourced soul guide and your intrepid earthly companion. ;)⁠⁠

We tell ourselves stories, so having the clarity from Jonni+Sage really helped me. Having that insight along with Jonni’s continual guidance and sense of humour is the cherry on top.
— Linda Jervis

Ready to join?

The value of all the components in Get Woke Weekly, including the weekly video, weekly channelled message in both audio and transcript, the monthly one-on-one call with me, and 10% off any additional one-on-one time - is over $390.00 per month.

YOU get all of it for $97.00 a month (or less!) because YOU are worth it.

Because YOU want to create a juicier, more love-filled, and meaningful life.

And because I want to support that.

Sign up now and fast forward your evolutionary journey by years.

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4-week cycle. Billed automatically every 4 weeks. Cancel anytime. Non-refundable.

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Save 10% - $290

12-week cycle. Billed automatically every 12 weeks. Cancel anytime. Non-refundable.

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Save 12% - $285

12-week cycle. Paid by e-transfer. Cancel anytime. Non-refundable (3).jpg

 Frequently Asked Questions (4).jpg

Have a question or 2?

See if it’s already been asked & answered.

If I'm new to channelled messages, is this program for me?.

Absolutely. Sage's messages work on multiple levels so no matter how experienced you are, there is always a thread that meets you where you are and takes you further. Sage's messages are timeless so they change as you change. I've taken in and reread Sage's messages years later and had even more magical aha moments and connected even more dots than when I originally did them. The energetics and the words connect with you when you're ready to receive them.

I've been taking in Sage's messages for years so is this program for me?

Oh yes! Stay Woke Weekly promises all new current energetic messages and 'videos by moi' for you too! I still get TONS of value out of every single message Sage gifts me/us with. It's neverending and yet each message builds another window in my internal world so I see things brigher, sharper, & clearer than I ever did before. For those who already know the force of univeral truth messages, you are in for a treat!

Can I join, then cancel if I need to, then rejoin again later?

Yes, you can cancel and restart at anytime, however the beauty of an ongoing program is that it gives to you when you least expect it. So instead of a stopping and starting cycle, you will continually spiral up in knowledge & awareness, and apply your gains of insight & perspective in a more efffortless way.

I created the structure of Get Woke Weekly to support you everyday rather than only when you have a problem or a struggle. And you have a week to take in the offerings of the program before the next weeks' offerings are shared.

In this week-to-week way, you build a much stronger foundation and ease in 'doing life' because you're having ongoing understanding for all that life is and how you can live it with far less struggle.

And, if you still feel you need/want to cancel, drop me an email and we can e-chat.

Can I have more than 15-minutes of talking with you every month?

You bet. AND every minute after your 15-minutes is at the preferred Stay Woke Weekly pricing. That means you will get 10% off all the time you want each month, unlimited. So you and I can talk anytime, not just once a month, or we can talk longer in your monthly time. Your choice.

Even though a group of like-minded soul-seekers are listening to the same messages, I frequently have the uncanny feeling that the information is meant for me and me alone.
— Lynn J. (2).jpg

Join now and let’s start creating a juicy, love-filled, meaningful life

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4-week cycle. Billed automatically every 4 weeks. Cancel anytime. Non-refundable.

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Save 10% - $290

12-week cycle. Billed automatically every 12 weeks. Cancel anytime. Non-refundable.

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Save 12% - $285

12-week cycle. Pay by e-transfer. Cancel anytime. Non-refundable.

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