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The Good Grief


The Power Of Death To Transform Your Life


What is this Self-Guided Program?


'Leaders Of Change: It's Time To Become More Effective Changemakers' contains NINE MODULES representing 2 hours of channelled message mediations. This timely program addresses the aspects necessary to LEAD yourself and others in these evolutionary times.

In Sage's words: "Leaders of Change, we are speaking to you. For those who do not believe they are leaders, for those who do not understand the change, understand how to lead, we are here. We are here now at this divine time because it is time you became a more effective changemaker".

In 'Leaders Of Change: It's Time To Become More Effective Changemakers' Sage speaks to the truth, to the heart, of our greater purpose on the planet today.

Whether you are brand new to spiritual and channelled information or already educating yourself with newfound spiritual principles, 'Leaders Of Change: It's Time To Become More Effective Changemakers' will expand your limited beliefs and patterns around your perceptions of leading, leaders, change, and identity, giving you the necessary guidance and support to fully understand and up level these areas of your awareness, understanding, and life.

From 'What Causes Behaviour Change?' to 'The Calling', from 'The Tools Of Your Kit Box' to 'The Fundamental Components', this 2 hour/9 module message meditation program will elevate your knowing and claiming of your leadership responsibilities as a human and soul on the planet at this time.

'Leaders Of Change: It's Time To Become More Effective Changemakers' is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of today's necessary leaders of change. 

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How Does This Program Work?

This 4-WEEK program is comprised of a NINE modules - 2 hours of channelled message meditations and full transcripts. The Premium Program adds a 30-minute one-on-one phone call discussion with Jonni.

  • Each of the 9 modules in the program contain sacred messages from Sage on the particular focused theme of leadership and change.
  • The full program contains 9 audio messages and complete transcripts  with the addition of footnotes from Jonni for clarity and illumination.
  • Each module is downloadable by you so you can go over it again and again in your own time. All NINE modules are yours to keep forever.
  • The premium version of this timely program includes a personal one-on-one 30 minute phone call with Jonni in the 4th week, to discuss the content or your process with the program, ask questions, and gain more insights that are personal to you.

Who is this program for?

If you feel the deep need to understand how to be the change the world needs, how to be a leader in these uncertain and fast-changing times, the THIS TIMELY program must be claimed AS YOUR PERSONAL MANUAL ON HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE CHANGEMAKER.


This program is for those who know they need to truly understand how to step up and lead in these uncertain times.


This program is for those who want to consciously apply all they are learning & realizing into their daily life on an evolutionary scale.


This program is for those who are ready to commit deeper and more consistently to the every day application of living their whole purpose.

What do others say about these programs?

Who is Jonni+Sage?

Hi there. I'm Jonni Gray.

I'm passionate about leading the change we are being called to make by the planet and the universe.

You're feeling it, aren't you? The shifts that are happening? The turbulence? The uncertainty? The need for us to each own our part in the call to personal and collective change?

I've had a series of life events which have sped up my soul's calling. Not to cue the violins, but here's the impactful sequence:

  • Sister and father both suddenly died 10 days apart in 1995.
  • 4 months later I discovered my ability to channel spirit and soul.
  • Remaining two sisters and mother died one right after the other.
  • 4 months later my only child, 22-year-old Connor, was tragically killed.

So I learned - INTIMATELY - that LIFE IS SHORT. And I learned that there are GIFTS from being broken open.

Everyone can channel AND when we are broken open we have clear access to spirit. In addition to being a psychotherapist with almost 30 years in private and group practice, my life experiences GIFTED ME with sacred guidance.

This sacred guidance came to me after the sudden death of my sister and father and the collapse of my marriage. They introduced themselves to me as SAGE - Sacred Ascended Guides of Enlightenment.

I was, and am, extremely humbled and grateful, and continue to see the connections between life's disruptions and the potential gifts. I am known as the psychotherapist infused with sacred guidance. Integrating my work with sacred guidance allows me to live and serve with soul. The combination of a sound psychological approach aligned with sacred guidance is a powerhouse formula for success.

Registration is now open

'The Good Grief: The Power Of Grief To Transform Your Life' begins May 1st and runs for 4 weeks.

There's no doubt that if you choose to ignore the power you incarnated with to be part of the change on the planet at this time, you'll find yourself and your world going around in circles.

But if you know the clues and the signs and step into the Soul Age of integration, you will move in an even-keeled direction of expansive evolution. And that feels freeing and powerful. On track and on purpose. The sweet spot of soul purpose aligned with the human realities of your life.

Core Program

4 weeks · 9 modules containing 2 hours of audio message meditations and full transcripts · $150+tax

Registration closes at midnight on Saturday,  November 4th.

You might have questions about WHY this course and WHY now. Here are the most asked questions, and my replies.

1. What if I don’t have the time to do the program?

Let me tell you what Sage keeps saying - time is shrinking. It is condensing. Even spending some time doing this program is valuable. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. It's about focused intention on participating with the energetics and source wisdom of Sage.

The entire program is also downloadable so it's yours to keep to do in the suggested time frame of 4 weeks OR in YOUR time, in YOUR pace. Very doable. 

2. What if I can’t do the ‘course work’ on time and fall behind?

It’s not about being stressed with your commitment to the energetics of your soul and universal spirit. It’s about honouring the sacredness. There is no judgement as to how you participate or to what level. That's why this is a self-guided program.

Consciously choose to give yourself the space and moments of time to connect to your soul self, and bask in the energetics of Sage and the wisdom of the ages that can be applied to your every day life now. Then take in the messages within this program from THAT place of honouring.

3. What if I am too busy?

That’s okay. Again, the beauty of this program is that it is yours to keep forever so you have complete access after the program timing structure is completed.


Time is amorphous yet you can feel the pressure of it. That’s earthly reality! AND we also know the boundless gifts of CREATING more time and space when we connect to our ‘timeless’ resource of soul and universal spirit.

My commitment to YOU is to honour this time with you. To help you create more time and space in order to live from the expansiveness of your soul on a more and more frequent basis.

Please join Sage and I in connecting to your soul in this leadership program so YOU can claim all that you are!


Core Program

4 weeks · 9 modules containing 2 hours of audio message meditations and full transcripts · $150+tax

Premium Program

4 weeks · 9 modules containing 2 hours of audio message meditations and full transcripts · 30-minute one-on-one phone call with Jonni at 20% off regular pricing· $265+tax

Registration closes on Saturday, November 4th.