You're In The DC+Marvel World Now

You're in the DC+Marvel world now. At least that's what it looks like.

Are you a Superman fan? How about Spiderman? Batman? Ironman? Captain America? Or maybe you like Wonder Woman?

Either way, what you are tuning into in reading, watching, or listening to those superheroes is the artistic reflection of your own superpowers.

There's a reason we create superheroes. It's because deep inside we know we are superhuman. We know we are more than the meek mild personality we are known for.

Inside our Clark Kent, we're Superman.
Inside our Diana Prince, we're Wonder Woman.
In full power and true destiny, we RISE to all that we are.

That's the story and we love it. We cheer it on. 

And now it's time to own it.

I told you, August is BIG. As big as a SUPERHUMAN. And the August Program MATCHES that BIGNESS and gives you something to really get you off your feet. (Pun intended).

Recognizing you are SUPERHUMAN is one thing. Understanding it is another. But claiming and living your SUPERHUMAN STATUS is the ultimate. Are you ready for that?

Then pop some corn and grab your MULTIDIMENSIONAL GLASSES. This will take more than 3D glasses. And it's more than Technicolor. 

Get ready to LEVERAGE your superpowers, USE your superhero self, LIVE the mythology and promise, and create your multidimensional life.

'The Superhuman Self: It's Time To Activate & Claim Your Superpowers' is the third of 3 Super Soul Age books in THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, VOL II - AUGUST'S program for activating, deepening, and aligning.

I'll tell you all even more about the 3rd book in the program series on Tuesday when registration for the AUGUST program begins.