Your Soul Plan Was To Become A Leader

Oct 21 '17.jpg

As I'm talking to people about leadership and leaders and change these days I'm hearing a lot of comments ranging from the passive, "Oh I'm not a leader" and "I just let the leaders lead", to the aggressive "Change needs to happen!" and "This isn't good enough!".

But nowhere in these conversations am I hearing a powerful stepping up comment of choice and action. 

Each of us (I'm in this too!) CHOSE to incarnate in this life, at this time, KNOWING what the crossroads the planet and humanity were facing, looked like. KNOWING what the clear path to evolution looks like. Things have never been more clear.

Once you can see what must be done, it's a matter of breaking down what YOU CAN DO to contribute to the whole vision.

Yes, that's where you come in. That's where WE ALL come in.

When you look at your world, whether you take in a smaller vision or the whole world, it becomes obvious that the time is now to focus on leading and change.

That's why the November Monthly Focused Theme from Jonni+Sage is entitled 'Leaders Of Change: It's Time To Become More Effective Changemakers'.

It's not about training to become a politician or fighting for a cause. It's more subtle and effective. It's more in line with the understandings of behaviour and why and how we change.

I believe it's Sage's most practical, most user-friendly messages to date. I expect that's because the need is understood and now the action must be applied. 

I'll give you an outline of the program next week. Until then, watch my social media posters across the platforms where I toss out breadcrumbs to lead you back to your soul's truth.