Your Soul Is Dropping Breadcrumbs Of Light And Synchronicities

"For this message for the month of May, we wish to focus on what you are planning to do to bring more blessed moments of love and gratitude and appreciation in your daily life and in this time of spring.

Spring is the springboard for new commitment, new focus, new realignment, new energetic up-level.

As an energetic being you are an integration of your past and your past physical life, your present life, your future life and future lives. In leaving behind the past, we ask you to step out of the version of self almost as a snake shedding its skin. You can now shed that which no longer serves you to be your highest, most loving self.

May’s energetic portal is a birthing of the new committed version of self. At this time you are able to step from the shedding of your skin. In May you can be shiny and new as a newborn baby glistening with the light shining on you. No longer will you have to look and search for the path you had to look for before, the direction of, “Where do I go? Who do I talk to? What do I do?”

At this time, as a newly birthed fresh version of self, the way is illuminated with ease. Just as your story of Hansel and Gretel and the breadcrumbs lead to the next version of self, you and your soul are now aligned at a level where your soul drops breadcrumbs of light and synchronicities to show you how to keep moving toward love, gently, lovingly, saying, “This way, this way, this way”.

We have said before that every moment of your breathing and being is significant. At this time we ask you to be even more present than you have been with yourself, with your thoughts, with your choice of thoughts.

  • When you are alone with self are you glorifying in your physicality? 
  • Are you enjoying your environment?
  • Are you looking for gratitude and appreciation for the world, and for the environment you have brought in your human form?

When you are with others, we are asking you to become hyper, hyper, hyper, hyper attuned to the energetic messaging with every single interaction, even the seemingly minute ones such as passing someone on the street with a smile, with an energetic send out of love, for example.

Are you bringing love energy into the field of others?

When you feel the irritants of being human and the frustrations of time not morphing to your personal needs, we ask you to see this as cosmic humour. Stop immediately. As soon as you feel irritated, stop. Pay attention. Recognize the irritation. Notice it is a human creation trying to control in that moment. Choose instead to shift the energy to let go of the need to control.

Many of the tensions and stress being felt by humans on the Earth at this time is based on self-created perceptions and self-created false illusions around the parameters of time. We talk about his further in our focused programming. We hear you say things such as, “I have to get this done now”, or “Why is it taking so long for me to learn this new program or technology?” or “Don't they know who I am? Doesn’t the world know that it must bend to my will?”

When you align with love energy, the world morphs to your will because the will of the world is love.

When you try to force time to fit within your physical needs, you find yourself unhappy, constricted, and stressed.

Begin to look at time as an extension of the love field. Be grateful for the moments, whatever is being held in those moments. We have brought through sixteen messages our channel has organized for you on this focus of time.

If you are experiencing a moment of physical pain, in each second, be with the pain and be grateful for the message of that moment. The message of pain might simply be, “Stop what you are doing. Shift your energy field. Do something different in order to shift the energy field into a new moment that is pain free.”

If you are in a moment of frustration, stop, observe the cause of the frustration, and you will see it is your perception of what should happen.

One of the biggest causes of discontent of humans on the planet is the confusion around bending the planet to an individual's will versus aligning to the energetic love field, and morphing and attracting that which you wish to create. They are two completely different energies.

If we were to clarify them in the context of masculine and feminine, masculine is bending to will. It is necessary to have that bending to will energy in certain circumstances, and yet many humans believe it is the dominant way of behaving, when in fact, aligning with the love energy field and attracting and morphing, which is more of a feminine energy, is the shift the universe has been making now for over a century or more.

It is not an either/or. It is an integration. It is a recognition of when you are relying on bending of will versus aligning with energy love field to attract and morph what it is you wish to create.

  • We ask you, what is it you wish to attract into your love energy field as your new version of self?
  • What is the energetics of that which you want to attract?

This is not about attracting a next new car or a new house or things you think physically will make you happier, although we abundantly believe you deserve and have access to all of the pleasures of the planet.

When you are aligned with the love energy field, what you want to attract, is love. Love in your food, love when you drive your car, love in the exchange between the people you make purchases from, love in your relationships, love in the authentic exchange of firm and loving communication.

The new version of self, the new download of upgraded software all humans have received at this time will show the way toward more and more love being brought into the energy fields....