Your Future Starts Today

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The October program - MESSAGES FROM YOUR FUTURE SELF: The Time To Receive Them Is Now - begins October 2nd. 

Registration ENDS TODAY.

And I only offer these programs ONCE.

Along with a carefully crafted 44-page workbook, you will also receive 8 Sage messages in meditation form, walking you through the introduction and courtship between you and your FUTURE SELF.

This primal relationship is not only NECESSARY during these UNCERTAIN TIMES, it's essential for you as a multidimensional being.
Do something today that your future self will not only thank you for but will begin to establish and build an incredible relationship.

They say the best way to predict your future is to create it. That's all fine and well if you were the only one creating your future, but of course it's SO MULTI-COMPLEX, that your ego only has a small role in it all.


When given a small role, you must know it's a SIGNIFICANT one. It's not a willpower role. It's not a masculine-only driven role.

It's a very exacting pivotal position role.

I'll tell you why, how, and what to do about that role on Monday!

PS) And have you registered for Monday's VIRTUAL Monthly Message Meditation yet? You haven't? I'll bring through the message meditation LIVE rather than recorded. Details and sign up here!