You Can Align EVERYTHING With Your Soul. EVERYTHING.

You can align everything with your soul. Everything. Even your work, your relationships, your health, and your money.

Summer is ALMOST HERE - at least officially - and the abundance has already begun. Can you feel it?

Things have been turning. Changing. Moving forward. A lot of the pressure is off. (For now. Remember, these are cycles.)

If you've been HARNESSING the power you have to change what you CAN change, then you're likely experiencing a breather. A pause.

It's in this all-important pause that YOUR NEXT EXPANSION has breathing and creating space to take you further and deeper, richer and sweeter than you have ever been before.

In this pause, Sage gives you THE SUPER SOUL AGE SERIES FOR THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES - a thoroughly organized book of sacred messages to elevate your awareness and position as a human being living in alignment with your soul on a daily basis.

The first volume of this life-enhancing read contains 6 books, or "focused themes" as Sage calls them. Each one builds on the next so you feel your head and heart expanding word by word.

I shared 'Integral Love: How To Connect With The Love In Everything' in my last post.

The 2nd book in THE SUPER SOUL AGE SERIES FOR THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, Volume I, is 'Soul Alignment With Your Work, Relationship, Health, & Money'.

These sacred, practical messages from Sage meet you where you are, and then expands your understanding, in order to up level how you live these dominant human realities of life.

  • If you are frustrated with your work and wonder if it's really what you 'should' be doing
  • If you question your relationship, asking what it's all about
  • If you're curious or concerned about your health
  • If you're seeking more money but are confused as to how to do that

- by elevating your understanding of these realities, by seeing them from the greater reality, rather than the limited three-dimensional reality only, you'll be able to change the way you see and do them.

The sacred guidance from Sage in this book will help you REDEFINE WORK. It will discuss the KEY IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP and show you how to RESPOND IN HEALTH. Sage's energetic words will also explain the GREATER REALITY OF MONEY.

The messages, the chapters, are vastly expansive and far-reaching.

At the same time, they connect you to who you are as a human being. They are the bridge. The conduit between your human experience and your soul perspective. In book form, you can take them in slowly, deliberately, and ALLOW THEM TO ACTIVATE YOUR NEXT LEVEL.

THE SUPER SOUL AGE SERIES FOR THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES Vol I is a user-friendly program that begins July 5th.

I'll share the other 4 "focused themes" within this book/program next week.