You, as Soul

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I’ve had a lot of great feedback since writing out the New Age/Soul Age distinctions and understandings in a clear detailed practical way in 'Time & Purpose'

But I keep getting asked if ‘this program’ is better than ‘that program’. If ‘this resource’ is better than ‘that resource’. So, I want to use questions like this to dig a little deeper into HOW TO live in the Soul Age, and more specifically, how to REMEMBER you, as soul.

Of course, what’s ‘better’ to me is not necessarily ‘better’ to you. So upgrade the word ‘better’ to the phrase ‘more aligned with my soul’ and that will already shift things.

You see, your ‘better’ is definitely subjective because what your soul wants for you as a human is slightly different than what MY soul wants for me. Or is it?

Does your soul want something for you as a human? And if so, is it the same for you as it is for me?

If you pause for a moment and feel this deeply, a felt answer may slowly turn on. It may seem as light and easy as an ‘oh ya’. Wait for it.

If the light DOESN’T turn up its dimmer switch for you, answer the question I underlined as a ‘yes, and then see how that feels.

Then answer the question as a ‘no’, and see how THAT feels.

Gently rock back and forth between the two, feeling, sensing, opening up something inside.


This process is fine-tuning your SOUL SENSORS. (Or we could call them SOUL SENSES. I like both.) 

In the Soul Age, you’re not TOLD what to do. You, as soul, are remembering.

I believe it’s my job, my purpose, my mission, in this life, to help you remember.

Sometimes I bring through the sacred guidance of Sage for the particular energetics and words to help you remember. Other times I offer up Sage-informed conversations or writings, such as this. Either way, I’m here to help you remember that you are soul. I’m here to help you remember how to live as soul in physical form.


In the New Age we often gave our untapped power to others, believing THEY had the power, THEY could tell us anything, they could tell us EVERYTHING!


In the Soul Age, we are each learning how to access our OWN power.

If I TELL you how things are, you won’t learn it for yourself. You won’t learn to access the memory YOU have. You won't build trust with yourself. Without learning how to access, you can’t claim your power and live the life you came here to live.

I don’t want you to think I’m playing poker here, holding my cards close to my chest, only letting you see one card at a time. It’s definitely not like that. 

What you’re learning, what you’re remembering, is really about yourself, the planet, the universe, you, as soul. You have huge knowledge and accessibility.

Of course, there are non-physical beings and conduits who can help you by guiding you to what they see and feel, but it really is YOUR poker hand you’re playing from, if it’s anyone's hand at all.

YOU are the player, and only YOU know what card you’ll play when it’s your turn in life because you have the power. And it really is all about owning that power of choice, decision making, and action.


I can tell you, I can remind you, that your soul is not static. Your human isn’t either, for that matter. They are both ever-evolving. That means we really have no fixed, static, understanding about soul other than the basics because as it’s ever-evolving, it’s constantly creating itself grander.

Are YOU the same as you were when you were 6-years-old? Or 15-years-old? Of course not. And that’s just your human growth and evolution.

Your soul has compound growth and evolution because each of its spirits is having incarnations in physical form that are contributing vastly to its existence.

Want me to repeat that?

Your soul has compound growth and evolution because each spirit it creates is having an incarnation that is contributing vastly to its existence.


That’s a HUGE thought. Not your typical daily run-of-the-mill thought.

If you’re reading this, if you’re connected to me, then you have NOT signed up for a monastic life this time around. You signed up for a fairly regular life filled with busyness and obligations and responsibilities and choices. A life that wants to have a piece of your brain and body and time and focus. 

That doesn’t mean you’re not here on the planet in this body and mind to ignore you, as soul. It’s just not your one-and-only focus this time around.

Instead, you’re likely waking up to remember that you also wanted to FORGE A DEEPER RELATIONSHIP with you, as soul, while in this very human existence. 

You can. AND if you stick with it, you will.


Here’s some understanding on how.


Every time you stretch your brain's understanding and capacity to grasp more of the expanded greater reality, your soul reality, you are altering your very DNA. That’s another huge thought!

This experience of stretching to remember lands deeper within you to create new shifts, new growth, new expansion. The continual application means continual shifts, growth, and expansion, which means living closer and closer to you, as soul.


So how do your stretch your brain’s understand and capacity?

First, there are two aspects of your brain that need to be addressed.

Your conscious creative mind is the seat of your desires, the seat of your ego and will and what you want and think you need.

Your subconscious habitual pattern repeating mind relates to your emotions, values, beliefs, and habits.

These two minds don’t learn in the same way.

For example, reading a self-help book, going to a lecture, watching a video, can all be creative, so you can educate your conscious mind very quickly. But the subconscious mind doesn’t want to be changed so easily. It learns, but mostly in repetition and in depth, so only by doing something again and again, deeply. Only by actively choosing to repeat a process while being very present in it. That’s why states of meditation and hypnosis and other expanded states of consciousness are the subconscious mind’s best tools.

When you use the tools from your subconscious mind, you shift the very way you see and do life. You expand beyond the basic three-dimensional physical world of height, depth, and width, and in that expansion, the three-dimensional world will seem very pedestrian.

It’s at this point that you know you are accessing more than you, as human. That means you’re getting closer and closer to you, as soul. To keep getting closer, to keep expanding and then living that expansion in your human life, you will need to watch your emotional patterns.


Did that feel like it came out of left field?

So do most emotions.

Emotions are experienced by you, as human, but NOT by you, as soul. This doesn’t mean you don’t want to experience emotions, after all, Earth is an emotional planet. It means you want to master your emotions, rather than be a slave to them.

Emotions are typically triggered by something you remember or something external. Often both. When you’re feeling an intense emotion of any kind it’s because you have a pattern already established inside you that has read or seen or heard or sensed or lived something very similar before, again and again.

It won't be exactly the same, but it will be similar enough to allow your generalizing-brain to jump to the conclusion that it's the same thing. Cue the emotions.

When that happens, you go down the rabbit hole again, slipping further and further AWAY from you, as soul, and closer and closer to you, as human-only in a pattern repeat.

Let me remind you: When you suddenly feel very emotional, it's a trigger. It's not real. You are reacting to whatever it is you are reading or hearing or sensing or thinking that is COMPOUNDED by all the times something similar has gone on before, and now you are likely OVER-REACTING. What you are emotional about is a pattern repeat.

Remember this. Use this knowledge and awareness to master your emotional triggers and align closer to living more as you as soul.