You Are Here For A Purpose

You are here for a purpose. Knowing and LIVING that purpose, changes everything.

Summer is thriving because it's free and organic and moves in response to, rather than pushing up against.

Summer models for ALL OF US how to THRIVE, rather than fight and stress. But of course, there's more to THRIVING than 'being summer'.

There's knowing why you were born. Understanding why you're on the planet. Realizing your purpose. And then LIVING THE LIFE YOU CAME HERE TO LIVE.

It's time to share the messages from Sage which reveal what you are doing on the Earth today, and what your SOUL'S PURPOSE is for you while you are in human form.

These sacred messages will give you the tools and resources to wake you from your human slumber and work with you to remember and activate the promises you made for this life.

Sage states: "At this time, there is an awakening of the seeds or promises you made pre-incarnate. It is a long gestation, yet all through your life, you have been made aware of these promises, commitments, challenges, and opportunities.

You said, 'I want to re-experience them. I want them to be prominent in the life so that I may bring them into wholeness, bring them to the next level, bring them to the place and the positioning that is organic.They have been with me as illusions in other lifetimes. Now I am ready to peel back the illusions and focus on them.'

As Sage, we are reminding you that you are growing, cultivating, and ready to birth the promises you planted pre-incarnate."

  • What was your plan?
  • What are the soul seeds you planted?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What can you do about it now?
  • What on earth are you doing here?

Everyone has a purpose. Everyone's purpose aligns with their soul. Find out what YOURS is in the first of THREE books in August's program - THE SUPER SOUL AGE SERIES FOR THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, VOLUME II.

1) Soul Seeds: The Time To Align With Your Soul's Purpose Is Now.

I'll share more with you very soon!