You Are Asking SO Many Questions!

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Would you agree that all the changes we are experiencing in our world and in our personal lives is STAGGERING?

The changes can be exhausting. Sometimes depleting. More often they're just plain confusing.


We’re being given conflicting information about everything. In this age of information, it’s too much.


I don’t know about you but I’m tuning into the need to simplify and prioritize like never before. To get my ducks in a row. To choose and to choose well.

But trying to make the choices often leads me back to the questioning, second-guessing, and doubting. It’s a loop. And I want off the merry-go-round.


That’s why, this spring, Sage has gifted us all with sacred messages to help us see the choices so we can make the choices we need to make. The choices that will make a difference from subtle to significant.


In the 22 years I have formally been blessed to work with the sacred guidance of Sage, I have never had messages from them that were so specific, so detailed, so clear. And so big!

Sage would never tell us what to do or what’s going to happen. They have always said they are not guru’s or seers or fortune tellers.

In the Soul Age, Sage reminds us and supports us with our own power of creation.


In the new spring program, Sage provides a grander long-term vision for us, a micro and macro view. And they share what they see so we can also see the whole picture and make the choices we feel confident to make.


This is the opportunity we’re ready for. I know I am. The opportunity to align with the best choices for myself, for others, and for the planet.

I’m Jonni Gray and I’m inviting you to join me for 8 weeks of conscious choices to evolve your best self forward.


Yes, 8 weeks. There's a lot of change that's happening. And a lot of choices we can make. 

The program is called 'Reforming' because Sage defines reforming as "creating a new form for the new creations of thought, emotion, and action that are occurring at this time and going forward."

Exciting isn't it? That's spring for you. It's all about the new and improved. The fresh and the exciting. I'll tell you more on Tuesday.