Would YOU Like Better Relationships With Your Family Members?

Are you spending more time than usual with your family this summer? It's like December, isn't it?

For good or for bad, people are often thrown tighter together in family dynamics over the summer. Holidaying with them. Celebrating with them. Reunions, parties, barbecues, the works.

And through it all, you keep reminding yourself that you want to have better relationships with them. But how? They won't change. So what choice do you have?

You can expand.

Start with expanding your understanding of the purpose, responsibility, and original intention of family.

Start with Sage's sacred messaging giving you both the history and practical steps to up leveling how you 'do' family.

If you're ready to know and live the WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT FAMILY, then 'FAMILY FREEDOM' is the first of 5 books in the 'The Super Soul Age Series For Thriving In Uncertain Times' Vol III. 

Some might say family is complicated. I would say family is complex. 'FAMILY FREEDOM' explains the complexity as it applies to you, making sense out of YOUR family dynamic, so you feel empowered by it, fully conscious and accountable.

Family is the link and the great identifier. You see yourself in relation to your family. What if you had a chance to see that image, that personality, that soul, even clearer?

You would see yourself and your family with the emotional clarity that could FINALLY SHIFT YOUR SETBACKS and judgments, your expectations and assumptions.

You could see that you haven't been seeing the WHOLE picture. How could you have? You were caught up in the STORY.  

'FAMILY FREEDOM' is not 'THE STORY OF FAMILY'. You know the stories. It's the truth you're ready for. Right?

If you're up for the TRUTH, you're ready for 'FAMILY FREEDOM'. It's more than time.

Next week I'll tell you about THE SECOND OF FIVE books in 'The Super Soul Age Series For Thriving In Uncertain Times' Vol III - because THIS bundle, this SEPTEMBER PROGRAM, is RICH AND PRACTICAL.