Sensitive? Super Sensitive? Here's Why & What To Do About It

November 1 '18 noon - facebook.jpg

I don't know about you, but I have never really known WHAT to do with my hypersensitivity - in this life. 

Ya, ya, I know it's a gift, but REALLY? How?

That's the premise for November's Course - Soul Age Sensates. It takes you through the stages of sensitivity. It takes you to the fork in the road. It's a BIG fork, too.

And at that fork, you make a choice. A life choice. A life-CHANGING choice.

At that fork, you get real. Humble. Committed. It's quite the combination. And it's for those who really do know that their sensitivity needs to be more than an excuse, more than an opt-out, more than a means of getting attention.

Like I said, it's 'get real' time. 

That's the energetics of NOVEMBER - which is why Soul Age Sensates is happening NOW. Because the fork in the road happens next week. Those of you who are sensitive can feel that. (insert wink emoji)