Why is it Always Time OR Money?

Dec 17 '16.jpg

Are you feeling the Mercury Retrograde slings and arrows? LOL. How about the glitches and delays?

I'm all for USING the gifts of this planetary influence. I started last month by asking a handful of friends and colleagues what they most wanted. I was surprised to hear the same old requests for more time and more money. They phrased it many different ways but it all came back to time and money.

I get it.

So at the time of this retrograde, we can USE its power to go back to the core understandings of these two dominant realities so we can bring ourselves up to speed with them, fully integrating the practical and the soulful.


I'm bringing through TWO new self-guided programs right now!

A 4-week program entitled 'It's Time to Change Your Relationship with Money' which will be available for MEMBER'S ONLY in January. (And everyone else in February. Membership has benefits. Check it out and considering joining for the new year.)

And an 8-week program entitled 'How to Create a Powerful Relationship with Time' which covers everything you could possibly think of. And more. Oh, yes. MORE. That program begins January 2nd because IT'S TIME!