Why Do You Meditate? I'll Tell You Why I Do

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When I’m away on holiday, or when I meet new people and they find out I teach and create meditation programs to be able to receive sacred messaging deeper, they always ask me why.

Meditation and divine messaging have become more popular and more acceptable than ever before. Along with the massive uprise in yoga teaching in the last 20 or so years, meditation has also made a huge mark in mainstream culture.

Yet despite more exposure in the media there still seems to be some mystery for many. So when someone asks me why I meditate, why I teach meditation, why I focus my career as a psychotherapist infused with sacred guidance (that means a channelling psychotherapist) on it, I believe they are really asking me what meditation is.

I usually tell people that THE MAIN REASON I meditate is because it gives my body, mind, and especially my emotions, the deepest, most profound rest in a way that sleep alone never can. 


The complete and total peace of mind that comes from 15 or so minutes with no noise (inside and outside) is not difficult to achieve, yet takes me to a still point that is pure soul food to me.

If a person wants to develop their spirituality and soul connection to a point where they begin to feel a sense of oneness that transcends logical understanding, then nothing can accomplish this aim more thoroughly than a meditation state of mind.

The myth that it takes years of training to reach this experience is simply not true. It is absolutely possible to feel this sense of connection after a few months of consistently meditating.

To feel an interconnectedness with everything may sound far-fetched from where you are now, but I can tell you that after training people for decades, it is definitely attainable. And glorious.


I MEDITATE BECAUSE intuition plays a large and significant part in my life, and my intuition vastly increases because of the practice of meditation.

Intuition is my primary way of making decisions because I have learned to feel safe and trust my intuition - first in my meditations, and then in the rest of the world.

Meditation also gives me a steady intellect and a much higher emotional management system. That means I can maintain an evenness with my moods. I call it being the master observer, rather than the “I feel everything!” person.

So now, when something throws me off course - the little things and the seemingly insurmountable things - finding that steady mental state is easier and quicker. And that anchors my emotions together, rather than have them tip the scales.


AND LASTLY, when people ask me why I meditate, I tell them that my memory continues to increase and strengthen due to the sustained clear conscious focus in my meditation practice. That means I remember the truth of the words in the sacred messages from Sage. And I don’t forget them.

I consider my practice a work-in, rather than a work-out. It’s important to have both. So… when someone asks you why you meditate, what will you tell them?