Who Do You Trust?

August 18 '18.jpg

Remember last week when I talked about all the questions that are being asked right now? Well, I was. ;)

The questions are forming every day. They are questions ABOUT.

So unlike questions that give away your power of knowingness, your power of intuition, these questions are asking Sage to speak ABOUT specific topics. I expect people are reorganizing what's real, what's true, what's important, right now.

A few months ago the course I offered was all about REFORMING. It spoke to the choices we can make today that will change tomorrow. If you were asking, "What should I do?", this course offered the choices and the repercussions of each choice you could make. Think big. (BTW, if you want to take that course, it's on-demand and online here.)

After REFORMING, the next course focus was all about what's real. People were asking about the validity and reality of things outside the proven, measurable facts. Again, think BIG. If you want to take that course, it's also on-demand and online here.


What I'm hearing now is the need to bring through a course that will answer question after question not on a specific theme or focus but questions ABOUT a variety of topics.

Know what I mean?

Next week I'll give you more details. Things are brewing.