Who Am I? - Close your eyes and ask yourself

I tried an experiment yesterday. I closed my eyes and asked myself a simple 3-word question: Who am I?

Instantly I felt a story coming on. You know what I mean? The story of me. All the things that make me, ME. Or so I believed.

I heard, “I was born in a small town….blah. blah, blah….”

I realize that most people would have the same experience when those three words were posed of them. ‘Who am I?’ is heard as ‘What makes me special? What makes me unique?’

Some people want to distinguish themselves from others, listing out their wounds or glories. “I’m a cancer survivor” might me someone’s answer to ‘Who am I?’.

Or, “I’m the first woman in my family to go to college."

There are other characteristics we believe define us of course. Someone might say, “I’m Italian”. Someone else might say, “I’m Catholic”. Another, “I’m a feminist”. And still another, “I’m a (fill in their job title or dominant role title)”.

NONE of these really answer the question of ‘Who am I?’.

They simply classify and actually segment us out, making us different than others, or grouping us WITH others, depending on what serves our purpose more. ('I'm not like them. I'm like THEM.')

Sage has been hearing the simple question of ‘Who am I?’ in the ethers. It’s the current energy of pointing fingers, being forced to pick a side, to define a position, to stand up and represent.

But there is so much more to it than that.

‘Who am I?’ is actually a HUGE question.

The more you can claim and embrace ALL THAT YOU ARE:

  • The more you can fit INTO the world that asks the question.
  • The more you can uplevel the segmenting, judgement positions.
  • The more you can OWN and MODEL who you really are.

Want to know more? Watch this space.