What If We Could Discuss It ALL?

March 26 '17 AM - blog.jpg

What if we could discuss it ALL? We CAN! That's what April is ALL about!

If Spring represents the new year (and organically it does), then NOW'S THE TIME to collect your years worth of focus, intentions, plans - and get a handle on the year that will be.

Of course I can give you a massive program of rich deep content. Of course I can make sure you it's fully accessible and practice and incredibly life-changing.

BUT if you're like me (and I swear you are), I would want a little hand holding support as I walk through it.

SO - here's the additional BONUS I want to offer you when you sign up for the new 'AT THIS TIME' Program.

It's one thing to listen to a Sage message in meditation form. The energetics and words allow a depth beyond the thinking mind, so the messages stir the pot of remembering that your human amnesia can't as readily recall.

It's another to read over the words in a transcript or book form. Your thinking mind can read them over and over to grasp the language of the energetic understanding, to wrap your brain around it and stretch to meet it.

And it's yet ANOTHER to be able to discuss the content, to ask questions, and to get further and clearer understanding.

THAT'S why I want to offer you FOUR LIVE GROUP PHONE CALLS - one a week - throughout the month of April to go along with this program - so you can digest the messages, and understand how you can apply them in your life.

The entire program is downloadable from my computer to yours with one link so you can take your time or binge through it, depending on your pace and style and need to know.

The four live group phone calls are offered as further support, live discussion, going over any and all topics within the program as they come up for you.

'At This Time' is available for download NOW through to March 31st - so you can get a jump on your new year.