What I Saw...and How it Reveals Itself

September 18 '18 PM.jpg

My meditations are a process of tuning into the energetics in a deep and focused way.

The other day, in my meditation, I was walking with Sage and Connor 2.0 as I often am. In this particular vision, I saw a rainbow and many reflections of the planet earth. 

Up ahead I saw a group of people who were waiting for us to get caught up to them. They had questions, specific questions, and wanted us to join them and deliver the answers.

I noticed the colours of the rainbow were in individual strands and connected separately to each person. It was their colour; their focus; their question.

Soon Sage and Connor 2.0 and I sat down with them. The questions were asked one by one. I noticed they were all 'how' questions. 

They were asking Sage to explain -

  • How fear is created.
  • How to evolve when it is easier to distract.
  • How to discern between letting go and working through something.
  • How to cultivate more trust and a deeper connection to the soul's guidance & inner direction.
  • How to protect children, as a parent.
  • How to inspire & develop a spiritual sense in children.
  • How humans can co-create together on both the physical and non-physical planes of existence.
  • How many lifetimes a human has.

We heard them asking and I felt myself knowing. I also knew I had to deliver the responses to them while they were in physical form.

And I knew that October would be when I would bring it all together. Stay tuned.