We're Waiting For You Because We're In This Together

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Changemakers need other changemakers. 

A number of years ago I started a small membership group of like-minded kindred spirits. Over the years it has morphed into a continual evolution forward in truth and love.

The Changemaker's Membership is a small group of real women from all walks of life who desire the continual spiritual and soulful support and clarity as they go through their earthy reality lives.

They know there's more to life than meets the eye and they want to meet in the middle of the eye of the storms of uncertainty in these times. I meet them there too.

The Changemaker's Membership is comprised of 'students of soul and lovers of life'. We want to discuss the current events, influences, and reality while expanding into the greater reality of truth and understanding.

With focused-theme, group, and personal messages from Sage, weekly virtual face to face meetings, and a few in-person get-togethers each year, we establish a firmer foundation and enrich our personal and collective purpose lives.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my Soul Squad for a full-day of interaction and expansion, a day to have the conversations that need time to unravel and connect the dots. It's the day I most look forward to. The day that hits the sweet spot.

If you're interested in finding out more about The Changemaker's Membership, click and read.

And don't forget that registration for the focused theme of ''Leaders Of Change: It's Time To Become More Effective Changemakers' is open. The program begins November 6th. Registration ends on Saturday the 4th.

I'll join you in the program on social media for deeper engagement in November.