We're Moving Toward 2020 in Many Ways

Jan 20 '18 PM.jpg

"...Unleash the love,
and do it with dedication
Unleash the love,
and set it free
Unleash the love
and spread it through every nation
For the greatest power on earth lies in
the heart of you and me..."

- Mike Love, 'Unleash the Love'

We think we understand love. We know we want love. We long for love. We expect love from others. We want our own love story....

But what if I told you that love was EVOLVING, so it's not what you think it is -

What if I told you that the sooner you understand the ENERGY OF THIS LOVE the sooner you can ALIGN with it -

What if I told you that you, with all your expectations, can literally create happiness when you EXPAND TO THIS EVOLVING 20/20 LOVE - 

  • When you AWAKEN 20/20 LOVE you can bypass all the patterns you keep getting caught up in.
  • When you ALIGN WITH 20/20 LOVE you can experience love every single day.
  • When you LIVE 20/20 LOVE your world will never be the same.

February's month of love is the time to bring forward the love of the future. Because the future is now. 

I'll give you more details very soon.