Want To Know What Your Future Self Wants To Tell You?

Most people think the future will be what it will be and they have very little control over it.

A smaller percentage of people do everything they can to over control their future and strive and contrive to create it.

CONSCIOUS people take on the past and the future with welcoming arms. They neutralize the limiting emotional triggers in order to willing see it all in its grand landscape.

Seeing the threads of possibility and probability activates the power of the conscious person. And with power comes choice. And with choice comes action.

The uncertain times we are all living in requires more consciousness of understanding and more soul and human aligned awareness.

As you move from a limited fear or frozen or pattern repeat position, you want to take on your natural gifts of vision and memory and apply it to your life. 

Vision and memory are accessible states of consciousness. I know that activating these states breaks down the walls of limitations, the previous restrictions you had on your future. That's why I want to DISCUSS it all in detail, IN-PERSON.

I want to 'hold your hand' and answer your questions and then take you through multiple exercises to stretch you to those states of powerful awareness.

It's where you create your life. You create your future.

You have SO MUCH MORE CONTROL over it than you ever thought. But you must learn how to harness that control through the awareness of your relationship with your future self.

Yes, your future self.

On September 17th, allow me to be the chaperone between you and your future self. I'll introduce you, get the conversation started, keep it going, and be there until you form the bond you are ready to form.

I haven't offered an in-person workshop in 18 months but I'm EAGER to present and demonstrate and active this subject material with you IN-PERSON. 

Read all the details and register here. Registration begins TODAY on a first come basis. It closes on Tuesday. I'm only offering this workshop in person ONCE.

Don't miss your chance to create your future WITH your future self!