The Tipping Point

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Whether it’s the ‘crazy’ weather or the ‘crazy’ news, the feeling is that things are ramping up. Spring does that all over the earth.

Here’s an excerpt from AT THIS TIME in the chapter entitled MARCH. Sage’s perspective.

“At this time, the future society is very near. It may be difficult to grasp at this stage when you see the division and individuation of countries and nations and cultures and religions. But there is a future, and it is not far away because the tipping point for those who are connected to inter-dimensional reality and expansion is further influencing and overriding perceived truth, contrived truth, and historical truth. 

This tipping point is leading the planet toward universal truth, the undeniable truth of the power and connection and collective power of love. 

As Sage, we are in awe of the speed in which this movement is becoming a reality. 

Think of the universe as expanding outward and then inward. It expands out and then folds into itself. It is a constant cycle of expansion beyond your brain’s perception of the understanding of expansiveness. It is a constant outward inward folding, merging, floating, morphing energy that is the universe. 

As every planetary existence elevates to collective, the universe rejoices in an orgasmic celebration of its folding in of love and expansion and joy and merging. The universe makes love to itself and with all, in continuous and ongoing ecstasy and joy of knowing itself more and more through the collective expression of ‘the all’. 

The human experience of being on the planet is about knowing yourself through the projection of yourself onto others and how they respond. You will notice you are at your happiest, for example, when you are connected, you are understanding, you feel similar, you feel pleased for those unlike you, you feel the expansion of the learning journey of others, you feel joy and exuberance at the opportunity to learn and grow in this expansive field of love. 

Your gifts to expand love, to be love, to share love, to teach love, to learn love, are the gifts you brought in to this particular focus lifetime. You said ‘Yes!’. You said you were here to help journey the planet Earth to its next level of love. You agreed that the journey would be joyful and expansive and connected and collective. 

You can see there is much work to do to get the planet to this future love culture we see your planet creating, and yet we joyfully, willingly, tell you this work is no longer the work as it was in the past when it may have felt you were dragging people along. Now it is a gentle nudging as others come along faster and faster and faster than ever before. 

Know that your field of influence will continue to expand. You will continue to connect. You will continue to connect with like-minded and others in order to laser focus this collective field of love, this gold-infused energetic field with consistent focus on love, to be legionnaires of love, to be the ones who have done the training and the testing and the living and the loving, to lead the energetics of the universe and the planet Earth to its next level of love…”