Time For An In-Person Workshop

Time for an in-person workshop! It's been 18 months. Are you with me?

The other day I felt a twinge to teach an essential and expansive workshop to an intimate group of committed seekers - IN-PERSON. I always wait for those twinges. They're organic to the current energy.

I remember in August of 2015 I taught the interactive 'Your Soul Knows' workshop to an eager group of fantastic students. I loved it! And so did they.

Then in January of 2016, I taught the year end/year beginning workshop, 'Creating/Completing'. More shivers of truth for all.

It's 2017 now. Has been for 6 months. The twinges are getting restless - SO I'm planning a brand new interactive workshop for SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17.

Circle the date on your calendar.

It will be in North Vancouver on a first-come basis to keep it small and personal.

If you do best in-person and want to spend a day with me and a beautiful group of like-minded souls, understanding and up leveling YOUR life, then watch this space for more details as they unfold this month...

Want to know about a couple of OTHER UPCOMING events and influences?

The THIRD of 3 volumes of 'The Super Soul Age Series For Thriving In Uncertain Times' PROGRAM begins September 4th. This one BUSTS MYTHS about family, money, marriage, self-care, and time. Big subjects. HUGE shifts. I'll share more as the month progresses.

You are still under the influence of yesterday's full moon eclipse. Own it! Eclipses are one of the most powerful tools the universe has. When the universe pulls this potent tool out its toolbox, it's to affect change NOW. It speeds up timetables. It hastens major life events. Things you thought would take years are suddenly here, now. Eclipses are a shake up out of complacency. You must be brave and act, rather than frightened and react.

I'll leave you with all this now. As Sage so often says, it's time to contemplate.