There's So Much Right Now! Can We Call It Abundance?

Dec 2 '17 PM.jpg

We're already in the web of the full moon's influence AND Mercury's Retrograde - even though they both officially begin tomorrow. Are you feeling it?

Step carefully. Speak carefully. Watch carefully. It's a time of observation, not judgment or opinion.

And with December here, we can use ALL THE SUPPORT we can get to keep us in that elevated observation of care.

'Cultivating The Depth Of December'  begins THIS Monday. Today is the deadline for registration. 

This SUPPORTIVE DECEMBER PROGRAM begins in the depth of meaning and feeling and soul and keeps cultivating more from the first message on. The focused theme reminds us of the need to fully recharge to FULL LOVE, at this time. 

We then share this energy of FULL LOVE with others in whatever form it takes. It's not the 'thing' or the 'words' or the 'doing action', as much as it is the energy that is our purpose in this exchange.

We must feel the RETURN TO FULL LOVE experience as we take in each of the 8 messages in meditation form. We must claim the feeling. Anchoring it within. And at the same time, making it accessible for USE as we go about our December days, connecting with others, establishing it as a new pattern we are putting into place.

This way, like conscious gently breathing, it will become a graceful act of energy exchange. Are you willing to UPLEVEL YOUR DECEMBER? I am.

Dec 2 '17 PM.jpg

Together we will tap into the CURRENT ENERGETICS and tune into the message Sage knows we are ready to hear.

I'll bring through the message in meditation form LIVE, not recorded. Then we'll discuss it. Join me? Registration closes at NOON MONDAY.