There's LOTS Of Opportunities Heading Your Way

Dec 30 '17 PM.jpg

The day before New Year's Eve. The day for reflection.

If you're like me, your home is quiet. At least, quieter. I love quiet. Calm. Slower. Gentler. I can think and feel easier in the quiet. Know what I mean?

And what I'm feeling is a LOT. 

A new year means, even MORE changes are coming down the pike. Like a goalie in a hockey net, we'll need to be agile and on our feet: alert, loose, and limber.

Tomorrow is the formal last day of the year and then - let the games begin! Here's what's happening Monday, right out of the gate. 

Monday is a FULL MOON. That means we're feeling the fullness even now, for it has a 4-day web of influence. Like all full moons, it's recommended to take a breath before you act or react. Emotions of ALL KINDS are flying HIGH.

However, we can HARNESS THAT ENERGY and use it to tap into the peaking energetics.

Monday is the VIRTUAL MESSAGE MEDITATION GROUP GATHERING at 6:30 PM. Log in and I'll take us through a LIVE CHANNELLED MESSAGE MEDITATION for the NEW YEAR. It's FREE to start the year off in abundance mode! Register here.

Monday is also the FIRST DAY of 'Setting Your Year In Motion' - the 2018 creation program that will change how you see and do 2018 and beyond. That's a promise. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER!

Like I said, LOTS IS HAPPENING. Time to be proactive.