There Are Sequels & There Are Prequels

There are sequels and there are prequels, but I can't always tell the difference. Can you?

During Spring Break I lose track of time. I'm sure a lot of people do. We are out of our routines, and so is everyone else. Therefore it's a GREAT TIME to play with non-linear time, to play in DEEP TIME rather than SHALLOW TIME - as Sage describes it.

So in the spirit of that opportunity, last week I got to work on updating and expanding my book 'Conduit: A Love Story Before, During, & After Life'. It. Was. Trippy.

First I had to put myself back in time in this life, then before this life, then shoot forward to after this life (yes, you read that correctly), then in between events, until I found myself here and now with the past and the future all tucked in beside me. Quite the trip. Thank HEAVENS it was a round trip.

BUT the results of all that time travelling paid off! I was able to complete the revision and expansion of 'Conduit'. Yay!

NOW the question is, is my new book 'At This Time' the sequel to 'Conduit', OR is it the prequel. Because from where I sit - in the convergence of past, present, future - IT'S BOTH!

When I read over 'At This Time', I see it as all the knowings and realizations and expansions I needed to have in order to move through the events described in 'Conduit'.

When I read over 'Conduit' I see all the knowings and realizations and expansions I needed to have in order to bring through 'At This Time'.

No matter HOW I look at it, I see them BOTH as prequels or BOTH as sequels.

In other words, they FULLY SUPPORT the BIG 'time awareness concept' I HAD TO HAVE in order to GRASP the full understandings of the events in 'Conduit' as they were played out and realized.

So NOW to FULLY SUPPORT YOU in whatever direction you need to go in for YOUR growth and expansion, I offer BOTH BOOKS to 'bookend' your journey.

'At This Time: Sacred Guidance For The Changes You Must Make Now' 
'Conduit: A Love Story Before, During, & After Life' (updated and expanded, like time...)

BOTH books are NOW INCLUDED in the NEW April Program - 'At This Time' - along with more than 10 hours worth of messages in meditation form. (For comparison, a typical program has 2 hours! HUGE difference, right?)

The entire program is downloadable from my computer to yours with one link so you can take your time or binge through it, depending on your pace and style and need to know. *wink*

'At This Time' will be made available VERY SOON!