The Time To Organize 2018 Is Now

Dec 19 '17.jpg

Every year we get to the night before New Year's and think about what we want to change.

We look at the year that was and then we evaluate ourselves. We look at our hopes and dreams and how far we may or may not have realized them.

We end up either feeling really good or really bad about things. Either way, it's a judgment. Based on what? Measured how?

On how we feel emotionally? Hmmm...We can do better than that.

This year I brought through a completely different way of focusing on and creating 2018.

The title came first - 'Setting Your Year In Motion' - and I wondered what it meant.

Each word was specifically chosen to represent this 'better way' of creating a new year. I didn't understand what 'better' was at that time. But I know now. And I know I'm up for 'better'. Aren't you?

The cracks in the foundation we are seeing on the planet, in the news, in every industry, company, institution, leadership position, family, community, every relationship, is evidence that evolutionary changes are underway.

They will look messy and feel uncomfortable. Change so often does.

It will look like chaos before a new order is established. That's because it's clearly out of our comfort position, our default position.

The changing energy is NOT a position. It's movement. It's A movement. And how you set your year (and beyond) in motion, is what January's themed-focus program is all about. 

If YOU want to embrace the changes that are happening and learn how to navigate them in your own world, then this is the time to be proactive. This is the time to focus on how best to align with the momentum moving forward.  

Read all the details and register NOW for January's 'Setting Your Year In Motion'. It begins January 1st!