The TIme To Align With Your Soul's Purpose Is Now

We were talking about purpose. YOUR PURPOSE. Remember?

From a human-only standpoint, survival is key. That's as good a purpose as any. Right? And then what? After survival, perhaps gain? You could call that survival-plus.

But what if you know you are more than human only. What if you know you are human AND soul.

If I asked you what your life purpose was as a human/soul, what kind of answer would you have then?

If you have no idea what your soul's purpose is and you've been waiting for a sign, or if you SENSE what your soul purpose is but haven't yet prioritized it, OR if you haven't had the tools and resources to take your soul promises from the depth of their origins to the practicalities of your everyday life - then THESE MESSAGES was created specifically for you.

This book is BIG. It's life-changing. It can rock your world, and not everyone is ready to have their world rocked.

However, your world can ROCK INTO ALIGNMENT with a commitment to claiming and cultivating the life you came here to live. And that can change everything.

These ARE uncertain times. And you are here to THRIVE. Not just SURVIVE. Not just GAIN.

This is NOT random rocking. It's NOT drama or angst-inducing. It's very, very specific whole alignment rocking from human to soul, from soul to human. It's all encompassing. The time to align with your soul's purpose is now.

~ It's time to STOP SEARCHING for your soul's purpose.
~ It's time to STOP DISTRACTING yourself from focusing on it.
~ It's time to STOP SECOND GUESSING what you're doing here.

Before you were born you knew what you wanted to do. It wasn't a job you were planning. It was a life. A life purpose with daily intention and application.

As Sage says: "The time to act is now. The time to take action to make positive change in your life is now." 

'Soul Seeds: The Time To Align With Your Soul's Purpose Is Now' is the first of 3 Super Soul Age books in THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, VOL II - AUGUST'S program for deepening and aligning.

I'll share all about book 2 on Saturday!