The First Week Is FREE

August 25 '18.jpg

You've got enough on your plate in the first week of September - with kids going back to school, more traffic on the road, settling into a new routine, and mourning the end of summer.

So I wanted to offer you the first week of the September Course free. My gift to you.

Unlike most courses which have 2 Sacred Messages from Sage each week for 4 weeks, September's focused theme gives you THREE Sacred Messages from Sage each week for 4 weeks.

That means instead of 8 Universal Truth Q&As in September, you'll get 12. Apparently, there's A LOT of questions that need to be answered for us all!

Universal Truth titles in the first FREE week are:

  • "We Are Being Asked About Beliefs..."

  • "We Are Being Asked About Emotions..."

  • "We Are Being Asked About Hormones..."

Big themes. Big questions. And Sage delivers the Universal Truth on each of them.

In September's Course, you are given the answer to each question in audio form with a full transcript. You can take the audio message in as a meditation or listen to it as a channelled message. Either way, it's yours to keep forever. 


"We Are Being Asked...": Evolutionary Guidance For Today's Questions will land in your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday in September, to give you the answers to the questions you've been asking.

The Course begins September 3rd. 

Registration opens on Tuesday. I'll connect with you then, or join me on the social media of your choice 2 -3 times a day.