The Energetics Of November Gives Us Choice

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Tomorrow is November 1st.

In these times of uncertainty, our power lies in seeing and understanding the patterns and cycles which are ever present. From here we can see multiple streams of possibility, and even probability, in the future.

Those who took on the October focused theme, 'Messages From Your Future Self' know how to do this efficiently and effectively. November's focused theme, 'Leaders Of Change' takes this vision and walks you through putting it into action. Registration for 'Leaders Of Change' ends Saturday. You can sign up here.

Want to hear what Sage has to say about the energetics of November?

“In this month of the energetics of November, there is a series of crossed roads, crossed paths, crossed streets.

Imagine walking through a lush green forested path with options ahead to the right, to the left, and straight ahead. 

Imagine right now, in a very calm and receptive state, which path you would choose.

These three options are not promises of a better future, or it would be a simple choice for you to select one. 

These paths are an example of the freedom of choice. 

As long as you are quiet and centred within, the next path choice will always be exactly what is most aligned with your expanded version of self. 

For this entire year, you have been sensing the presence of change, the presence of shift. You have felt this more urgently than many around you. You have been feeling the subtle shifts. 

You are likely going to feel the urgency in the next few months to make the choices you feel in the depth of your heart. To not rely on the need for stability and security as the basis for your choice. Rather, to look within to the knowing place. To trust the choice for the most expansive version of self.

You see, up until now, the universe has given most people on the planet the luxury of delaying their choices. But no longer. The speed is increasing. The speed of making choices is increasing. 

You are going to need to make faster and faster decisions based on the desires of your most expansive version of self

We understand the need for security and the need for physical comfort, but we are speaking about deeper level trust. When you follow the choices directed by the most expansive version of self, your physical needs are always taken care of. 

Think back to a choice you made in your life when you were scared, frightened, or in fear. You had a survival instinct around the choice, and yet you made the choice that was not fearful. The choice that could have threatened your survival. 

Remember the exhilaration of making that choice? Remember the realization that you did not have to give up your security? 

You survived, and you made a soulful choice.   

As a human, the primary gift you are given on the planet is the freedom of choice. If you abuse this gift by refusing to choose, you are delaying your joy and abundance...."

Oct 31 '17.jpg
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