The Easter Message - Rebirth? Eggs? Chocolate?

Easter means different things to different people. When I was young, it meant colouring eggs. Dying them yellow and pink and blue, and all manner of spring pastel colours. That's all I related the holiday celebration with.

When my grandma came over, there was the addition of the chocolate eggs. And the occasional chocolate bunny. So I knew there was bunnies and eggs, but nothing more.

I didn't go to church or temple or any form of religious gathering on a regular basis, but I DID accompany my friends to THEIR places of worship whenever they would let me. I was curious. I didn't know what it was all about, but they always closed the doors and it felt special. Sacred

In those quiet gatherings I heard all manner of history and stories and lessons to be learned. I didn't take any of it literally. Even then I knew it wasn't meant to be literal.

But it DID resonate something inside me. It DID feel to me that there was more than meets the eye to this 'Easter thing' besides coloured eggs, bunnies, and chocolate.

I was in my '30's when Sage came through in a literal, verbal way. Later I realized they had always been with me, but I didn't have context to explain or even understand it in, until I had experienced enough personal family deaths AND the beginnings of the greatest love story, to break me open (like the proverbial egg.)

Now, Easter - and everything else - has SO MUCH MORE MEANING AND DEPTH I can't contain it. It's SO BIG and IN MY FACE, that I HAVE TO SHARE IT. It's as though I know a secret, something even MORE SACRED, and I NEVER want to limit it to being behind a closed door or on Sunday's only.

So I bring through these sacred whole truths as MY LIFE PURPOSE AND MISSION. And because you are reading this, you know it's for you.

Want to hear more of what Sage speaks about as the energetics for April? Here's an excerpt from my new book, 'At This Time'.

I'm clinking my chocolate egg at you and winking.

"...When you exit the planet as humans, you are not dead. You are transmogrified. You are energetic essence, part of the whole, and part of the all. As a human, you are a focused condensed energy point of the all.

This is why you may struggle to expand into the reality of your energetic self, because you feel yourself only as the condensed focal point which is your human identity.

What this means for you is a higher level of commitment to the energetics in your life. Being clearer on noticing and observing your physical self wants and needs as a physical manifestation of your energetic self. Observing, and then tuning to energetic self to ask, “What is the higher truth here?”

Even if it feels as though it goes against the physical sanity of what society would expect you to do in your focused energy point as a human, you are going to make decisions aligned with the energetic pulsation, and others will look at you and ask, “Have you lost your mind?”

Your answer is going to be, “I finally found my real mind.”

At this time and in this way you may be a model to others of trusting the energetic wave that wants to crest and carry you to the next blissful breakthrough of understanding and connection, to the universal source of energy, which is love.

Love is a word that is too small to describe the immensity of the energy, yet it is now love that must guide you in all your decisions, 99.9% of the time.

Ask yourself if your decisions make you feel more alive and in love with life. Do your decisions make you and others light up with the daring-ness of the decision, with the energy of the decision?

The inspiration at this time is not just in the words people speak, but in the actions they take that are inspired by love.

As Sage, we are grooving on the increased frequency of love we see developing on the planet Earth at this time as you are now vibrating at the next frequency level.

You are the model for others to see what it looks like to do things based on love rather than on fear. You may be doing things such as abandoning the captures and traps of physical life. You may have financial abundance because that is energy, but rather than be trapped by the so-called comfort of financial abundance, you are moving yourself into the next level of service and stretching in order to circulate the foundation of money, which is love.

We are not asking you to do anything out of fear, so please do not connect to this and say, “That’s it. I must leave this. I must do that. I must give up all earthly possessions to go do this.” That is not what we are saying.

We are saying your decisions based on love will be decisions such as, “Is where I am living right now giving me the highest energetic environment to be who I am in this new frequency?”

At this time you may ask yourself higher level, higher evolved questions driven by love. You may be inspired to act. This is not fear-based old energy where it would be, “I have to give up everything in order to be spiritual.” That is not what this is.

This is love pulling you, seducing you, tickling you, touching you, feathering you. Love saying, “This way, this way, this way”..."