The Current Energetics Are In Place For An Evolution, Not A Revolution

The Current Energetics Are In Place For An Evolution, Not A Revolution. Are you on board?

Yesterday's new moon was SUPER CLEAR. Did you see it? Did you take a moment to connect with it?

It was also called a SUPERMOON, which means it was at its closest point to the Earth in its monthly cycle.

Now, a NEW MOON that's also a SUPERMOON is not as impressive to look at as a FULL MOON when it too is a SUPERMOON. It's not as big and full and in your face.

But for those who are sensitive to the moon's natural gifts and influences, you don't need a FULL MOON to show off its bigness, its boldness, its beauty.

The subtleness of the new moon is the magic you seek.
It's the beginning. It's the spark. It's the whisper of things to come.
It's progressive. It's receptive. There's no stopping her.
She's an evolution. Not a revolution.

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