The BEST Way To Deal With Family, Gifting, Socializing, & Holidays Is Before You Have To

Today's the first day of summer and I'm here to talk about December. Weird, right?

But the dominant human realities of December happen all year round as well. They're just intensified in the Christmas month. Which is why the best plan of action is to figure out your strategy NOW.

Throughout the year you'll likely have to deal with family. Maybe it's a complicated subject for you. Maybe it's a joy. Either way, understanding family from a soul perspective can only serve to fortify your experience with them.

Holidays happen all year long as well. Summer holidays with family? LIKELY.

The opportunity now is to align with the soul of holidays so you approach and do them from your authentic self and return refreshed and revived. 

In THE SUPER SOUL AGE SERIES FOR THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, the 3rd book in the first volume takes you through the core understanding and up levelling of family, gifting, socializing, and holidays.

It's a thoroughly organized book of sacred messages to elevate your awareness and position as a human being living in alignment with your soul on a daily basis.

I've now shared:
'Integral Love: How To Connect With The Love In Everything' and
'Soul Alignment With Your Work, Relationship, Health, & Money'

The third book in this 6 BOOK JULY PROGRAM focuses on the month of December because it can be a time of intensity and expectations, but it's not just in December that these significant themes rear their heads.

THE SUBJECT OF FAMILY can be a real trigger all year long. The sacred messages Sage offers on this subject are rich with the original understandings in perfectly chosen words.

THE SUBJECT OF GIFTING is addressed from the whole truth understanding of its meaning, intent, and practical application. Gifting is also a subject you encounter all year round, however, in December, it's amplified.

THE SUBJECT OF SOCIALIZING deserves very practical how-to understanding. Sage even includes homework in their messaging on this year-round subject.

THE SUBJECT OF HOLIDAYS is part history lesson, part personal request with deeper understandings to support this request. There are many holidays in a year, although Christmas is certainly the one with the most expectations and often disappointments.

The sacred guidance from Sage addresses these fundamental year-round subjects so you change YOUR patterns, YOUR expectations, YOUR efforts, not in an "I'll try THIS" way but as a WHOLE TRUTH understanding of what's REALLY going on.

Allow these message to activate YOUR NEXT LEVEL OF LIVING.

THE SUPER SOUL AGE SERIES FOR THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES Vol I is a user-friendly program that begins July 3rd. Registration opens this Saturday. 

Because it's such an ABUNDANT PROGRAM there are STILL 3 MORE focused themes within this PROGRAM. I'll tell you more soon!