Christmas Season Resources for Every Need & Occasion

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We've had storm after storm here on the west coast, but I am fully resourced: my outdoor Christmas lights are securely fixed onto every tree and bush, my generator is ready to take over when the power flickers, and I have a TON of firewood for my fireplace.

Now that we are firmly in the Christmas-social-family-gifting-holiday month I want to be equally resourced for all the unexpected, possible, and oh-no events and occurrences this season.

My social calendar is booked, my gift ideas and purchases are pretty well finished, and I've pulled up my list of pies-I-MUST-bake this season.

But before I did all that I brought through the BEST RESOURCES to support YOU THROUGHOUT the whole season. It's all there. Wrapped in a bow.

Christmas is FULL of memories and visions. Remember Charles Dickens and Scrooge? Remember the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future?

The concept was brilliant - and highly accurate.

As someone who has studied and studied and studied transpersonal and metaphysical and quantum realities - 4 degrees+ - as someone who has consciously and consistently worked with sacred guidance for over 20 years now, I LOVE using the template of the story of Scrooge because it gifts us with the same opportunity to realize LIFE IS SHORT AND THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW.

The Spirit of Christmas GIFTS us all with the energy to change. But it doesn't happen all on its own.

So I brought through 3 journeys that will WAKE YOU UP to remember the memories and connect with the visions that WILL INSPIRE YOU TO CHANGE!

The 3 journeys start with your PAST LIVES, then shifts to your present life, then morphs to your future creations.

3 Journeys:

  • The Journey of Christmas Past
  • The Journey of Christmas Present
  • The Journey of Christmas Future

When you take on these journeys you expand into bigger ripples of your multidimensional self. You see and feel and connect with all that can shift your current LIMITED perspective. 

I know it as truth. I've done these journeys with clients for decades - and always with massive results.

In this Christmas resource I also wrote out ALL THE TRANSCRIPTS from the 3 journeys and put them into a 25 page Journalling & Transcript Workbook so you have a valuable place to keep your precious gems in a single organized and easily accessible place.


It's a tremendous gift to give yourself. You can download all 3 journeys and keep them forever, redoing them again and again with new and amazing results every time.

The gift that keeps giving. LOL