Super Super Full Moon

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth," ~ Buddha

Have you been hearing about the special Full Moon that will make itself know tomorrow morning? Me too.

The Moon’s uneven orbit around the Earth means that sometimes it gets closer to us some months than others. 

When its closest point coincides with a Full Moon, we often call it a Super Full Moon.

The Full Moon that peaks early on Monday morning is the closest Super Moon we've had since 1948! And the next time it will be this close won't be until 2034.

What influence can this Super Moon gift us with? 

This particular Full Moon will take place in the sign of Taurus and oppose the Sun, which is in Scorpio right now.

What that means is we’re able to more easily feel a balancing between the need for security versus the desire for something more.

Are you seeing this all around you? On the news? In your personal life?

It’s an interesting tug of war because neither planet's influence wants to budge. And of course compromise is always difficult. The Super Moon is highlighting this. Big time.

Sound familiar?

Of course eventually, the planet's influence will give way, but never before making their message, their offering, known.

How could you be feeling this influence personally?

You may be feeling an urge to stay in a place of stability and comfort AND at the same time, feeling a desire to be a bit more daring in your approach, to step outside the zone of safety.

THIS is the opportunity of the Super Super Moon right now.

Feel the tug of war. See both sides. Choose your positioning carefully and well. 

The times call for maturity. Accountability. Responsibility. Collective thinking followed by sincere aligned action.

It's easy enough to see this reflected in the recent US electoral race, but consider where this influence is calling to you in YOUR life.

Contemplate, journal, sit with it. 

Then take whole aligned action. THAT'S how you receive the tremendous gifts of this Super Super Full Moon.