Summer is Leaving the Station: Say Hello to Fall

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Astrology is another language. It's not one you have to learn because there are true experts in the field who serve as translators to the language.

Astrology helps you see your life in greater cycles. These cycles are ones of influence, not destiny, not written in stone, but influences none the less. 

Understanding influences helps you in decision making. Understanding influences helps you see more clearly what's passing through as an emotion, a pull, a push, or sway.

As a psychotherapist, I can tell you that what influences you is key to understanding your behaviour, your choices, and therefore your life.

One of the most important unseen influences are the inner and outer planets and their positions, their speed and orbiting movements, their alignment with each other, and their subsequent reflection on the Earth.

There is evidence that the study and interpretation of astrology is over 12,000 years old. And unlike Latin, it's still a living and viable language.

Every few months I have a sit-down chat with astrologer Marielle Croft as she talks about the upcoming seasonal astrological influences. Together, in plain English, we discuss the meaning and interpretation of the influential impact of the planetary reflection. 

We always keep our talk short and sweet to give you the most significant bits.