Summer Begins July 2nd!

June 26 '18 PM - facebook copy.jpg

'Sleeping, Dreaming, AWAKENING' is the 8-week summer program that works with you to expose & explain the mysteries of your sleeping & dreaming states of consciousness. 

In almost 4 hours of channelled sacred messaging Sage demystifies everything you thought you knew about sleeping, about dreaming, and even about awakening.

I was taken through the program as a willing guinea pig over the last few months. Then I brought the messages through. I SO GET IT NOW!

And you can too. 

The mysteries of sleeping and dreaming and awakening are ready to be exposed this summer. It's the perfect time.

Summer is a time of feminine awakening, of finding our bloom, of full transparency. Summer exposes. And shines a light. 

Summer heats things up and begs you to go deep.

If you want to know the truth about sleeping, dreaming, and awakening, to change YOUR personal life, registration for this double program begins today.

I'll see you on the other side.