Spring, Stars, & Support

March 17 '18.jpg

Clearly, this has been a long winter for most of us. It felt long. It felt cold. It felt unending.

But spring is not just in the air, it's now on the calendar - as of March 20th.

So to celebrate and get the MOST OUT OF SPRING, I'm sitting down to chat with my favourite astrologer Marielle Croft, on Monday. And I'll record our chat for you and deliver it to you on Tuesday. My pleasure.

I GET TREMENDOUS SUPPORT from knowing about and understanding the influences of the celestial bodies. The knowledge of astrology doesn't predict. It shows you possibilities. It gives you signposts - sometimes in neon lights! - as to the best path to take on your journey through life at the various stages you are in.

Know what else gives you that kind of support? The Changemakers Membership.

After my son, Connor, went off-grid in 2012, in his expansive state, he shared with me the need to form a collective of like-minded kindred spirits who were committed to understanding the current energetics of both earthly realities and spiritual realities so they could integrate them together.

I know this now - almost 6 years later - but it's been a true creation. An evolution.

The women who have joined this unique membership know me, my work, & my beliefs. They ALIGN with it all. And they want more.

They want more in their lives.

They want more understanding, more flow, more dot-connecting, more future certainty.

That's why I meet with them in person, through video conferencing, on the phone, on our private Facebook page, and in their inbox, OFTEN. Constantly in fact. 


My role is to lead. To listen and hear. To share and invite. To model. To activate. 

Members can be as private or as group oriented as they want to be. They are aware that they are in this world together. At this time together. And they want to do everything they came here to do - whether that's to raise their children well, to develop and maintain good habits, to love deeply, or to change the world.

I'm here for it all. Members are my top priority.

Connor 2.0 tells me the members are my family. As I no longer have a physical family (husband Blake excluded), that makes sense. 

The membership is why I'm here. It's my mission. It's my means of giving support. With Sage and Connor 2.0 on my side, I'm fully loaded for the job.

Are YOU one of the future members?

Have a read about the membership here.

If you have questions, email me or hit reply to this newsletter. I'd be honoured to discuss the opportunity of support with you.