Registration is Now Open for this 5-Week Course

October 27 '18 PM.jpg

Have you noticed that the energetic tide is changing? It's asking us to step up and make a difference. 

It's not necessarily asking us to make our mark, to stake our claim. It's not about self-serving only. 

But the energetic tide definitely wants our vote, our voice, our power, to create a collective change.

The universe is asking us to do more than just pay attention. It's asking us to take the necessary steps to be part of turning the tide - for the planet, for humanity, for your tribe, your family, AND for self.

Individually, we are being called upon to do more than give lip service. We are being called upon to act. How? 

That's what November's Course is all about. 

The 10 universal truth messages in this 5-week course take you on a journey from where you are now to where evolution is asking you to go. 

>>>>>>>>>Yes, it's a neon sign. Yes, it's pointing big and bold. 

You CHOSE to be born at this time on the planet. If you can own that, then you're ready for this course.

It's unlikely you would be reading this from me if you didn't believe you were here for a purpose that is greater than just you. However, you have to start with you. So, let's start with you. 

On November 5th, 'Soul Age Sensates: Evolutionary Activation of the Super Sensitive' begins.

I've been speaking about its energy for weeks. Now, I'm opening up the registration. Sign up by Saturday, November 3th. Or better, yet, commit today and know you're on your way.